Just in case you missed it…

May 2014 Newsletter Pix

On 2 May, I sent out the MAY 2014 issue of my bi-monthly newsletter via Mailchimp. In case you are not subscribed to this list and missed it, just click here to read and be updated with the latest developments. I am making this special effort because in this newsletter update, I announce the new ministry that the Lord has led me to develop since stepping down from being a pastor earlier this year.

In the past six months, many have asked me about my next steps and I haven’t been able to say anything … until now. Now that it’s announced, I can speak more freely about Archippus Awakening (yes, that’s the name!). Even so, many details are not settled yet and I am taking it one step and one day at a time. Please pray along with and for me. In the meantime, read May 2014 Newsletter, visit the Archippus Awakening Website (subscribe to the blog) and LIKE our Facebook Page.

If you’d like to receive the next newsletters directly in your inbox, please SUBSCRIBE HERE.

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