From Cave Time to Wave Time


Those who have been following my blog and ministry will know that I chose to enter into a cave time of seeking the Lord sometime in January. Then, I had arbitrarily given myself a deadline of 15 April to work on my ministry manifesto. This date coincided with the appearance of the very first blood moon of the tetrad to come. I had chosen this date to remind of the urgency of the times, to keep me focussed and on track with what the Lord has given to me as an end-time assignment.

Over the weekend, I attended an awesome “Restoration of the Kingdom” conference and I learnt so much about Israel and the Kingdom; and even a precious object lesson. Through each session, I received so many things from the Lord and I began to see how my ministry fit in and how I should proceed! In my time with the Lord last Saturday morning, He revealed the following to me:

Coming Out: One key revelation was the realisation that the Passover actually begins on the evening of 14 April, crossing into 15 April. My selection of this date was initially made in relation to the blood moon but the Lord showed me a new significance in Passover. It was at the very first Passover that Israel came out of Egypt and began their journey into the promises of God. Similarly, the Lord has affirmed this date for me as my coming out of the cave, thereby beginning my next leg of the journey towards what He has called me to and into! Yes, I am coming out of the cave!

Resurrection: I just checked and the date of my posting From Cafe Time to Cave Time was 14 January. Symbolically, that was the day I entered the cave. Today, on 14.04.14, it is exactly three months of cave time. The number three is especially significant! On the third day, Jesus rose from the grave. Jonah spent three days and three nights in the belly of the fish and rose to fulfil his assignment. More recently, I was challenged by the Lord to offer my Isaac to Him that He might raise Isaac in resurrection power. Having responded in faith and obedience, I know that this coming out of the cave also signifies a period of dying over the past three months (days) and now, it is time for new life in my ministry through resurrection power! I don’t think it is a co-incidence that I have been invited to speak on Resurrection Sunday – no prizes for guessing what I will be talking about this Sunday 🙂 Yes, not just out of the cave, but up from the grave!

First Fruits: Immediately after each Passover, Israel was asked to count, develop and then present their first fruits to the Lord. As they did that, God would ensure a harvest. As I sought the Lord for the buds of my first fruits, He pointed me to the ministry manifesto which I have written. The thoughts and ideas in them are the buds. I am to tag them, to water them with prayer and to develop them over the next seven weeks leading to the 50th day, or Pentecost. And as the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Day of Pentecost, so the Lord will anoint this ministry which will in turn bring in a mighty harvest for the Kingdom! So that’s what I am going to do over the next 50 days. I will present every idea back to the Lord as my first fruits, waving the sheaf before Him and trusting that He will pour out His Spirit afresh upon the ministry. Yes, I am looking forward to moving from cave time to wave time!

God’s Wave: Speaking of waves, I agree with Peter Tsukahira that God is doing a next big thing in and through Asia. According to George Annadorai, this might well be God’s last big thing as the curtain of history falls. I don’t want to miss this at all and I am so thrilled to be given an opportunity to participate. Peter’s closing words to us all at the conference: “Ride the wave. Catch the wave of God’s purposes.” Indeed! No more cave time; it’s wave time!

This is all so very exciting! And yet, I know that it is only but the beginning. There is so much more ahead! Thank you for reading and for journeying with me. I know that there are many who are praying for me, for Serene, for our children and this new assignment that I have received in the Lord. Many have also been asking what this ministry is. I have begun sharing little by little but after this Passover, I am coming out in full force to boldly declare and develop it. Stay tuned in and if the Lord is leading you to walk and co-labour with me, drop me an email at



7 thoughts on “From Cave Time to Wave Time

  1. I hear you and Mom n I are bubbling all over, eager for the exciting days ahead to Aug.

    Standing with you, and by you.


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  2. Reblogged this on Archippus Awakening and commented:

    This post records the significance of the timing of the end of my cave time. And how this heralds the beginning of the next phase of Archippus Awakening. It is indeed exciting to see how the Lord is moving and leading. Please continue to pray for me as I develop the next steps of development for Archippus Awakening. Thank you.

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