Learn From Others But Remember To Just Be You

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I just returned from an awesome “Restoration of the Kingdom” Conference (10-12 April), listening to four very experienced and anointed speakers – Peter Tsukahira, George Annadorai, Ari Sorko-Ram and Steve Carpenter – and being thoroughly stirred by the Holy Spirit through their timely messages. From the word ‘go’, it was one session after another, and another, and then another … twelve power-packed messages across two and a half days! It was physically and mentally draining; but spiritually so exciting and refreshing! Through each speaker, I learnt so much more about Israel and the Kingdom of God. At the same time, the Lord also spoke very clearly and affirmed the next steps for me.

Restoration of the Kingdom Speakers

As I listened to these dear brothers, their passion came across so clearly as did their obedience to the Lord. Their lives are all totally sold out for Jesus and His Kingdom. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for Yeshua. For sure, they have given and sacrificed so much that they are ready to lay down their lives, if needed, for the sake of God’s kingdom. I simply loved the way they spoke from their heart; I mean, these guys know their stuff and they know the Scriptures. More critically, each knew their assignment from the Lord and were dedicated to fulfil them no matter what!

There were so many moments I found myself secretly wishing how nice if I could be like them, to speak like them and to teach like them. I began taking notice of the phrases they used and how they would make their presentations so interesting, hoping to implement some of these pointers the next time I get to speak. If only I could be more engaging, more prophetic, more humorous, more … I must have taken this to such an extreme that I felt the Lord check me as He gently reassured me, “Just be you.” 🙂

What a timely reminder! Yes, as these have their own journeys and stories, I too will have mine. As these have their messages to proclaim, the Lord has also given me one which I am to be faithful to declare. And that I will do; and as I do that, I will remember to “just be me”.

3 thoughts on “Learn From Others But Remember To Just Be You

  1. Hi Henson I commented on the face book your article. The favor of God is upon you n your breakthrough is coming. Amen. Praise the Lord Blessings Esther

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