September Ministry Trip to Tacloban Postponed

No sooner had I sent out the September 2014 newsletter yesterday morning that I saw a post on my Facebook feed announcing that all flights to Tacloban airport has been suspended! In the bi-monthly update, I had shared that I would be making a ministry trip to Tanauan, Leyte across the weekend of 11-15 September (that’s next week!). But now, in view of the bad condition of the airport runway, we are not able to make this trip.

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Photo Source:

A quick verification was made with Ptr Joel that the airport was indeed closed until further notice. He confirmed it and we had no choice but to postpone our trip. We then scrambled to see if our flights could be re-scheduled and hotel bookings cancelled to minimise losses.

No one knows how long the repairs will take. As such, we are unable to fix another date of travel. We will just have to wait until the runway is restored and planes are able to land and take off safely.

We will still be going to Tacloban – we just don’t know when. I am thankful that the Lord’s hand is upon us, keeping us safe. At the same time, this unexpected postponement has given me an extra four days to oversee and co-ordinate the upcoming Awakening Event (A.W.E.) by Archippus Awakening, a special seminar “The Beginning of the End” with Amir Tsarfati on Wednesday 1 October. Do consider joining us for this. You are advised to register early to avoid disappointment.


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