Remembering His Call

11years ago, on 8 July, I heard the Lord call me to full-time ministry. That was in the year 2000! Wow! I was much younger then, with just two children 🙂

I had almost forgotten about this date until last night, when I took my diploma students through the Personal Reflection & Application Paper briefing. It’s a module I had designed to provoke students to seriously consider their place in ministry. This is the third batch and it just occurred to me that it is always around 8 July that I would teach this module. How significant, for at the briefing, I would share my own journey into ministry. I didn’t plan for it, but I get to revisit the wonderful ways the Lord called, prepared and enabled me each and every step of the way. Little wonder then that I would talk non-stop recounting and gushing about God’s goodness and faithfulness. My hope and prayer is that it encourages and spurs each student to serve the Lord with even deeper conviction.

This morning, I realized another key significance as I led my family through today’s 40Day2011 reading. 11 years ago, it was through 40Day2000 that the Lord spoke the words, “Follow Me!”. Although sentimental and meaningful, it is the odd ‘coincidence’ of this year’s theme that struck me … I am marking 11 years in the 11th hour!

Clearly, it’s not business or ministry as usual. I have changed and grown over the years. Similarly, the way I minister has also changed. The messages have also taken on a different edge with a more urgent and serious tone. Coincidence? I think not.

So today, as I look back, I look forward. I have done and learnt much, and still, there is much more to be done and learnt. The tendency is to rely on myself and my experience. But that would be disastrous! As before and even more, I must lean on Jesus and abide in Him. Apart from Him, I can do nothing … zilch! I serve Him and Him alone. He who has called me will enable me. For His Name and Glory!

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