Beware the Message of Hyped Up Grace

Nancy & David Ravenhill (picture from Charisma Magazine Website)

Really appreciate this article The Deception of Hyper Grace by David and Nancy Ravenhill on the website of Charisma Magazine. I agree with their points totally and have at times used the same arguments in my sharing and teaching. I wish I had written this article myself 🙂

“I can only plead with those who are caught up in this false teaching to re-examine their beliefs in the light of God’s Word rather than get carried along by the latest trend being taught by a few popular and flamboyant pied pipers. If the fruit of this teaching does not produce a longing after God and a desire to be like Him, then we should avoid it like the plague. Grace enables us to live and walk in victory over sin, the flesh and the devil. Anything less is not the true grace of God.”

To my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please read and hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Without doubt, the grace of God is indeed amazing and attractive. But understand what true grace is all about, and do not be deceived by the enemy that the grace of God might be received in vain.

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