I’m Just A Regular Guy

One of the reasons for me registering a blogsite is so that I can gripe when I want to, just like anyone else, and not worry if it tarnishes my pastor or minister image.  After all, I’m just a regular guy as human as the next person.  So what if I can teach and preach from the bible!?  It doesn’t make me one bit holier or more sanctified … not unless I allow the Word to change and transform me.  In fact, I think it’s much tougher for those of us in fulltime ministry.

Imagine this … I pray as I prepare to preach and minister, relying on God and His power … I get up to preach and feel the anointing (and the adrenaline rush too) … I make an altar call and people respond in droves … I lay hands on them to pray and *boom* they go down under the power … I “see” an impression and I release the word and tears begin to flow … and when it’s all over, pats on my back as they acknowledge God’s “man of the hour”.  WOW!  This is what ministry is all about!  What a mighty God I serve!  Awesome!!!

Then I get home to my wife and six children and guess what?  No anointing, no power, no earth-shaking revelations.  Nope, just diapers to change, plates to wash, children to discipline, toys to pick up and complaints to listen to.  What happened to every biblical principle that motivated and inspired the congregations?  What happened to the anointing that breaks the yoke?!  I sure can use some of that!  What if I lay hands on the children and they fall under the power of the Holy Spirit and get up from the floor totally obedient?  What if I rebuke the plates in Jesus’ Name and they get washed?  What if I fast 40 days and 40 nights and the murmuring and grumbling stops?

No!  I’m just a regular guy.  No special discounts for me, I guess 🙂  Transformation is still a process and it will still take that amount of time to deal with every selfish and prideful issue in this regular guy, pastor or not.  I just need to manage the ministry highs so that I don’t nose-dive to a crash when I try to handle life’s daily grind.  It is only by God’s grace that this regular guy can do extraordinary things.  May I never forget that.

In the meantime, the regular stuff continues with this regular guy.  Count it all joy … count it all joy.


3 thoughts on “I’m Just A Regular Guy

  1. Hey Brother Henson! Thanks for writing and sharing this. The part about praying for the children to fall under the power of the Holy Spirit and the dish that wash itself, cracked me up! haha..

    Your newsletter led me to this blog of yours. Thanks for the update of your life and ministries. I’ve read a few of your blog entries and have been encouraged and amused. Thanks for using your gifts to bless people like me 🙂

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