What Do I Know About Pregnancy & Birth?!

img_5843After a L-O-N-G break, Serene and I accepted the invitation by Wesley Methodist Church to give another pregnancy-birth talk – thanks to dear brother Ng Chai Seng who boldly asked me at the men’s breakfast fellowship in January, “Ay, so when can you and Serene give the pregnancy talk again to our young couples?”

It must have been at least 7 years since the last talk (we took a break after the arrival of our youngest), and we had to hunt for our notes and slides as we reviewed and prepared for the talk on 3 September!


For a Saturday afternoon, the turnout was very encouraging, with many expecting their first baby. The session started with me sharing some theological perspectives about the kingdom of God and how that affects the way one views pregnancy and birth. After that, Serene took over with what I believe many signed up for: the birth stories of our seven children!

As I listened to Serene share these stories again, praise and gratitude filled my heart for the God whom we serve! These are truly testimonies of His grace and faithfulness in our lives and in our family!


After the break, we shared on “The Christian’s Antenatal Response”, giving practical pointers to both the mother, as well as the father. More than just how to breathe and what to pack for the hospital, the emphasis was prayer and a focus on the Lord. Although Serene went through seven births without the use of epidural, experiencing what we would refer to as supernatural childbirths, it is not our practice or intention to impose this on others. Whether one experiences a supernatural childbirth or not, our desire is that each will experience God personally and draw closer to Him in and through the process of pregnancy and birth (yes, fathers and husbands too). Hence, the title of the talk, “Experiencing God through Pregnancy & Birth”.

We are indeed thankful for the opportunity to encourage the young couples and for the positive feedback:

  • “Gives me an idea of what to look forward to and what to expect.”
  • “Very personal and inspiring sharing. Very encouraging.”
  • “Great sharing. Priceless!”
  • “Great seminar!”
  • “Interesting insights.”
  • “Brought to our attention certain things that we have not thought about especially on things we need to pray about.”

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