Keep Preaching: You Never Know How Or When God Uses The Message To Encourage Others

I am sure preachers and teachers can identify with what I am about to share.

Before each speaking engagement, you pray and prepare. Most will never understand the effort that goes into this process. Even fewer will appreciate the experiences one is allowed to go through that a message is delivered with greater depth and significance.

The day arrives. After being introduced, you take the stand. And with all your heart, you deliver the message to the best of your ability, to the glory of God. After the service, some step forward to shake your hand, and others, to offer a word of thanks. All too soon, it is over.

But, is it?

Let me share this little testimony to encourage you.

At the end of a recently concluded church camp, a brother told me what he did with a message I preached at his church last year in December (six months earlier). Impacted by the message, he took it upon himself to translate it into Bengali so that he could forward it to others in the migrant workers community he had been ministering to. When these Bengali brothers received it in their own language, they were strengthened by the Word of God!

Be Strong and Courageous-page1

As a speaker, I thought my engagement ended when the benediction was pronounced. Who would have imagined that someone would take the trouble to translate it that others may be edified? This is a reminder for us, preachers and teachers, to keep keeping on, even when it may seem dry or unfruitful. We never know how God can use what we have prepared, or when. In His time, in His own special ways, He can use it to bless and encourage someone. We may never get to hear of it but I believe it is all recorded for when we meet our Lord and Master.

So, preach on and teach on! The Word of God is alive, unfailing and endures forever. Our part is to declare it, believing that the Spirit of God will do with it as He pleases. For sure, His Word will never return to Him void!

To God be the glory!


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