Kingdom Connections Can Appear Messy

Messy Cables

I took this picture last Sunday when we gathered on stage to pray before service started. As I bowed my head, my eyes were drawn to the twisted bunch of cables on the floor. To me, that wasn’t a very pleasant sight and if I had my way, I would gladly unplug and unravel these cables so that they could then be neatly labelled, arranged and placed.

Then I felt the Lord say to me, “That’s how kingdom connections look like sometimes. They can appear quite messy but as long as these are rightly connected, the power and signals flow, the sounds are produced and the message is declared!”

It’s been just over a year since I left the employ of the church. In the initial weeks and months, I didn’t quite know what to expect. As an itinerant minister, I was on my own now with no organisation or name to lean on. Admittedly, there were moments when I felt a little lost.

Sure, I had my coffee catch-ups here and there. Old contacts started calling on me. I made some new friends along the way. New doors opened for more name cards to be exchanged. Without doubt, it was exciting (still is!) and I learned a lot (still do!). I tried to remain sensitive to the Holy Spirit, seeking to discern which meeting would lead to something more. Really, I tried. Given the way I am wired, I want to see everything neatly packed and organised. I wish God would graciously co-operate with me and sort people and events according to my filing system.

But that’s not the way the kingdom works. Regardless how well a meeting goes, I just never know how things will turn out. I hate to admit it but I don’t get to make things happen. It’s not up to me! On my table are some stacks of name cards and over time, these have gotten thicker and yes, messier. Some I may never hear from again. And some I will connect with more meaningfully in ways I can never orchestrate nor fathom.

I’m learning that’s how kingdom connections are. They don’t always join cleanly or clearly in straight lines and with pretty labels. Yet, in God’s sovereignty and perfect design, He connects and He directs. And when kingdom connections come together, the power of God flows through these conduits and the message of the kingdom is boldly proclaimed, reaching not just ears but invading and penetrating hearts for God’s kingdom purposes.

The messy and twisted cables were a very good reminder – especially to one such as I with perfectionistic tendencies, at times fringing on OCD – haha! In my next meetings, I will use my task-oriented gifting to intentionally enjoy the great fellowship, scrumptious food and aromatic coffee … and leave God to handle the right connections for His kingdom, in His way and in His time.

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