Proud of My Boys

I was surprised when David (my eldest) asked if he could participate in the SAFRA-STTA Table Tennis Championships 2015.



Our two boys, David and Aaron, were first introduced to the game in October 2013 when we first vacationed at Club Med Bintan. Since then, they expressed interest in the sport; and for Aaron’s birthday present in Jan 2014, he asked for table tennis bats. The boys continued to play at Bishan Sports Hall every now and then. Then came the request to play in a competition!


On Sunday night (15 Mar), Aaron went first, losing both his games to obviously more experienced and trained players, very possibly school team players, in his age category. On Thursday afternoon (19 Mar), it was David’s turn. He lost the first game. However, for his second game, his opponent didn’t turn up and he ‘won’ by a walk over, getting him into the next round. The next day (20 Mar), he was drawn against the No.3 seed, from the Singapore Sports School!


Without any formal training, David and Aaron did their best against their opponents. Although they lost in straight sets, I am still so very proud of them. It really is not about winning at all. For me, it was enough just to see my boys hold their own, managing emotions and anxieties (if any) as they played against much better players.

Well done, David and Aaron!

6 thoughts on “Proud of My Boys

  1. Congrats papa…also me will be proud too. Blessings Esther Am in Perth came for follow up..tremendous recovery according to neuro surgeon…told him it was due to Jesus n him. Praise the Lord. Next week sending me for ultra sound for my heart to see any blockages..

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