A Prophetic Act: The Birth of Archippus Awakening

This is for the benefit of all who have been praying for me and the new ministry that the Lord has led me to start in Archippus Awakening. Thank you for standing with me! If you’d like to receive updates about Archippus Awakening directly, you can subscribe to follow the blog at http://www.archippusawakening.org. You are also invited to visit and LIKE our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/archippusawakening.

Archippus Awakening


On Sunday, 3 Aug 2014, we held a little event at Bartley Christian Church and it was attended by about 150 people comprising fellow ministers, friends and family. Although many would refer to it as a launch, I still prefer to call it a prophetic act and event to mark the birth of Archippus Awakening.

It was a very encouraging turnout for a Sunday afternoon as guests arrived for the 3:30pm tea reception, quickly filling the foyer of Bartley Christian Church. The mood was warm and vibrant as everyone mingled, some meeting for the first time and many others re-connecting with brothers and sisters in Christ from various churches. That was an air of excitement and expectation as most didn’t know what to expect of the event and of Archippus Awakening.


At 4:20pm, the guests were ushered to Hudson Taylor Hall on Level 2. Although the hall capacity was 125, we brought in more…

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