Dry Spells and Bush Fires

Last Saturday 22 Feb, I was invited to a small breakfast fellowship involving pastors and ministers. It was a very casual affair as we each arrived, took our seats, introduced ourselves and tucked into the breakfast buffet … with coffee, of course 🙂 After about an hour, we adjourned to a room to pray. We stood in a circle and each shared our heart’s request and/or burden. Soon after, getting on our knees, we started to pray.

It was a very meaningful time and I know the presence of the Lord was there with us. As each prayer was uttered, I could sense the passion and desperation. It was a cry for the Lord to move mightily and sovereignly.

Throughout that time of prayer, all that was on my mind was the Church – not any local church in particular – just the Church, the Body of Jesus Christ. As that thought captivated me, I found myself weeping and then sobbing. I couldn’t understand why but I sensed such a deep burden for the Church, brothers and sisters in Christ, supposedly the people of God.

The Straits Times, Tuesday, 25 February 2014.

Yesterday, Tuesday 25 Feb, the lead story in The Straits Times reportedly an unusually long dry spell that we are experiencing in Singapore and around the region. There is no telling when it would end. Almost instinctively, I thought, “We are experiencing the same dryness in the Church. Who knows for how long? Lord, send Your rain!”

Please don’t read this as a critical judgment on anyone or any local church. As always, I will begin with myself and evaluate my own spiritual state. But if you agree with me that there is generally a dry spell in the hearts of believers, please pray along with me and others who are crying for the Lord to revive His Church once more.

Interestingly, in prolonged dry spells, many bush fires begin to break out all over the place. Could these be the starting fires of revival that God is generating in the hearts of certain individuals? Might the Lord be getting our attention the way He got Moses’? May we discern and respond before we put these fires out all too quickly.

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