The A-Zs of Our Diploma Journey

Last Saturday afternoon, at the end of our very last Student Tutorial Relationship & Accountability Platform (STRAP) Session, this year’s CVSOM Diploma students prepared a simple presentation chronicling their journey through the Diploma programme. Needless to say, I was touched and moved, not just by their efforts, but by how relationships and friendships have formed and grown through their going through this programme together. With their permission, the script is presented hereunder for your encouragement and enjoyment too.

Thanks, Diploma 2013! It has been such a joy, an honour and a privilege to walk with all of you through this leg of your spiritual journey!

CVSOM Diploma 2013

By Class of 2013

A is for ASSIGNMENTS. There’s those dreaded, deceptively simple but really tricky multiple choice questions, and there was a tough four-in-one for Growing in the Word. Some students aim to score aces, some just want to complete the assignments so they can graduate, but all agree that doing the assignments has helped us to really grow. Kris actually said, the thing she will miss most about this programme, is the assignments. A is for “AHA”! The AHA moments are what Linda relishes, in Rev Francis’ classes.

B is for BABY BENJAMIN. First time in CVSOM history that STRAP was presented by 3 men and a BABY. Erwin says it was really stressful juggling work, studies and a baby. But you know what, Baby Benjamin actually motivates him to complete this course, so that he can join daddy in the graduation.

C is for CHALLENGING. Having to balance work, studies and family has been CHALLENGING, but we thank God for His abundant grace in seeing us through every week.

D is for DEAN. Thank you DEAN, for walking with us, teaching us, praying for us, and helping us to grow. We love and appreciate you! D is for DIVERSITY. Despite the DIVERSTY of views, ages and personalities, the bond of peace helped us overlook differences when we were working in our assigned teams, and kept us united in the Spirit.

E is for EXAMS. What a relief that there are no EXAMS in this program! E is also for END TIMES. The urgency of the times became more real to us as we became aware of the spiritual environment in Singapore through the GRAP research, and why we need to really pray and help raise consciousness among other Christians.

F is for FRIENDS. We have become close FRIENDS who share lives, pray together, help one another, serve one another. Someone said – parting will be painful! F is also for FUN and FELLOWSHIP. We will really miss the FUN and FELLOWSHIP after we graduate.

G is for GREEK words we’ll never forget – “Teknon” and “Huios”.

H is for HEART. We’ve learnt to engage our HEARTS and allow God to speak to us through each lesson.

I is for INSTRUCTORS. We thank God for our INSTRUCTORS, who have imparted spirit and life to us, and we are grateful to them – Dean, Rev Francis, Bro David Leong, Bro Isaac and Bro Jacob.

J is for JOEL. He is the terror of every STRAP team with his questions. J is also for JOY every Thursday as we look forward to class.

K is for KINGDOMS. We have been taught about the different KINGDOMS and about battlegrounds, strategies and weapons of spiritual warfare. We learnt so many new things, but most importantly, we learnt how to win battles in our individual lives, and also in the heavenlies and in the church.

L is for LIVE THE WORD! The school’s rule is that no instructor can preach or teach unless he LIVES THE WORD! And so we students have to LIVE THE WORD too!

M is for MOVING PEOPLE ONTO GOD’S AGENDA. We learnt that spiritual leadership is MOVING PEOPLE ONTO GOD’S AGENDA.

N is for NIGHTMARES of Dean telling us we can’t graduate because we didn’t pass up our PRAP!

O is for OBEDIENCE. We grew as we learnt to respond in OBEDIENCE when the Holy Spirit convicted us.

P is for PRAP. A scary ministry module for many of us, requiring us to gather so much information, yet in the end so rewarding because in the process, we discover God’s call.

Q is for a QUANTUM LEAP in our understanding of God’s Word through the two Growing in the Word modules.

R is for RECORD – every lesson also must RECORD!! R is also for RUN THE RACE.  We learnt to run not aimlessly, but in such a way as to win the prize – a crown that will last forever.

S is for STRAP – everyone’s favourite ministry module!! Provokes us to check our understanding of many Christian doctrines, and Dean makes difficult concepts easy to understand. We want STRAP in Alumni!

T is for TESTIMONIES. We won’t easily forget Bro Jacob’s amazing TESTIMONIES of how we can help others encounter God in a powerful way, when we make discipleship a lifestyle, and become people on assignment for God, who operate under the cloud in Jesus’ authority and power.

U is for UP AND DOWN MOMENTS. Our UP MOMENTS must surely be those moments when: the Holy Spirit gives new revelation on a lesson, or when we suddenly realize how much we have grown and been transformed, or when we are touched by our classmates’ love in praying for us. Our DOWN MOMENTS were mainly moments when our health failed or we were injured in an accident – slipped disc, dengue, shingles, knee problems, injured back. But these presented opportunities to pray for one another, to grow in faith and trust in God.

V is for VAPOUR. Erwin’s close call during his accident was a stark reminder to him that our lives are but a VAPOUR, and we can vanish from this earth in an instant. It has made him more appreciative of his family and pastors, and has stirred him to want to serve God more. Amen to that!

W is for WORSHIP. Being able to WORSHIP together as a class has drawn us closer together and reminds us who we serve, and why we are in this class.

X is for XPERIENCE. We have XPERIENCED the difference – different kind of school, different perspective to ministry, and we’ve become different people!

Y is for YES, we’re glad we signed up, and we’re definitely going to tell all our friends about this program!

Z is for ZZZZ – the one thing it was impossible to do in class!

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