Aaron’s & Esther’s Baptism

Aaron & Esther

I was quietly pleased when my son, Aaron, approached me and asked if he could be baptised. The 11 year old had seen the announcement for baptism in the church bulletin and felt that he was ready to openly declare his faith in Jesus Christ.

Having come to an even greater understanding of the significance of baptism, I now make it a point not to ask any of my children if they would like to be baptised. As much as I enjoy seeing them go beneath the waters, I am also mindful that there is absolutely no rush at all. It is more important that they arrive at an age of understanding so that baptism will be meaningful to them. And even if any should ask to be baptised, I see it as my parental responsibility to explain what baptism is to them and then to determine if they are truly ready.

Baptism Family Pix_Fotor

And so, following Aaron’s request, I sat him down and had a father-son chat. I took my time to present the key points to him, that baptism is 1) an act of obedience to Jesus as Master, 2) an outward declaration of what has occurred inwardly in a believer as he/she identifies with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and 3) an act of commission to serve Jesus after the order of Melchizedek. When I was convinced of Aaron’s understanding, I gave him the go-ahead to register as a baptismal candidate.

Announcing this to the rest of the family so that we could all pray and stand with him, his 10 year old sister, Esther, later approached me and asked if she could be baptised too. I was of course pleased that she, like her brother, would want to openly declare her faith in Jesus. And so, we met the next day for our father-daughter understanding-the-significance-of-baptism chat. Without doubt, Esther too was ready for baptism.

Aaron Baptism_Fotor
Esther Baptism_Fotor

And so today, 26 Oct 2013, I had the awesome privilege of baptising my own children, assisted by Rev Wilfred Png. It reminded me of when I did the same for their older siblings, David and Sarah, on 7 Feb 2009. To God be the glory! May these be raised up for His name and His kingdom!

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