Say “No” to Ashley Madison in Singapore


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Was I surprised when told about the impending launch of Ashley Madison in Singapore? Well, yes and no.

Firstly, no, because recently, there has been more and more talk about affairs and extra-marital relationships, or just plainly — adultery. It seems that adultery today is fair game amongst consenting adults. So, no, I was not surprised by yet another report on adultery.

But, yes, I was caught a little off-guard to learn that the promotion of adultery has now become a full-fledged business around the world! This was also the first time I had heard of the name, Ashley Madison. And to my horror, and disgust, this company is blatantly open about adultery. Its slogan is simply, “Life is short. Have an affair.” This is outright in-your-face hedonism. To those in worldview circles, it’s referred to as sexual libertinism. And unfortunately, it is attempting to weave its smutty way into our neighbourhood 😦


All said, this is really quite expected as morality has been on a slide, and we know things aren’t going to get any better. And yet, one cannot but baulk at the way it is happening, through seemingly legitimate businesses where as long as there are willing customers, there will be a ready market for such businesses to thrive in. The question is, will or can our government regulate such businesses? Should these even be allowed to register and operate in the first place?

The Bible warns that in the last days, more and more people will be lovers of themselves and of pleasure (2 Tim 3:1-5). These would herald these as times of freedom and expression as humanity comes of age. Sadly, that would be totally inaccurate, for the Bible refers to these times as perilous times, as those before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, as those before Noah entered the ark and the flood waters covered the earth. Yes, we are living in those days the Bible talks about.

As Christians, we cannot and must not stay silent for we have been appointed to preserve society as salt and to shine the way of righteousness as light. We must take a stand, and at times, this calls for us to speak up and speak out against such decadent practices. This is not the time for apathy or nonchalance.

At the same time, we must protect our own marriages and families for these are under tremendous attack like never before. We must not presume that things are ok between husband and wife but instead work at strengthening and building the marital relationship. And lest you think children in Christian households are exempted from such negative influences, think again! By the time you realise that theirs is a totally different environment from what we grew up in, it might just be too late. The discipling of our children has taken on a new level of urgency. And as parents, that responsibility is squarely ours (and not the children or youth ministry’s)!

Well, Ashley Madison may have made it their business to break and destroy marriages and families. Let’s make it entirely our business to ensure that doesn’t happen on our watch!

To join the petition against Ashley Madison in Singapore, LIKE the Facebook Page “BLOCK ASHLEY MADISON FROM CORRUPTING SINGAPORE“.

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