LGBT Agenda: The Power & Place of Public Opinion

The Straits Times, 3 Oct 2013, A6
The Straits Times, 3 Oct 2013, A6

Reading “Court rejects challenge in gay-sex law” in the Straits Times this morning, it is indeed heartening to note that our Singapore court has rejected yet another challenge against the gay-sex law. Read online. That said, one must not miss the statements made in the article, its undertones and implications.

I am thankful and grateful that we have judges in Singapore who uphold the law, and are willing to rule by it. I do not know the presiding judge’s personal position on the matter, or if it affected the ruling somewhat. What mattered was that he stood his ground.

That said, the next statement was a little troubling when “he added that it was up to Parliament to revise the law … if it believes that the tide of social and public opinion has shifted.” Two things must be noted here. Firstly, the law can be changed. Secondly, social and public opinion is what can bring about this change. Or prevent it. This should not come as a surprise at all. After all, the laws of the land are set by man. And since government officials are there to serve the people, they will consider the views of the public in the setting of policies and laws. This should raise big concerns for us, as Christians, because we are observing that public opinion and acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle is shifting. If you have not noticed, portrayals of such lifestyles have already made its way into our main media channels and into our homes. What is even more disconcerting is that Christians are beginning to vacillate in their own opinions as to whether such lifestyles are acceptable or an abomination to God!

The LGBT Agenda’s position, and main trump card, is that they were “born this way”, and hence must be protected in their constitutional rights to be treated equally. This is where I applaud the judge’s counter statement that “Having gone through scientific literature on the matter … the evidence remains divided and inconclusive at best.” Even so, it is precisely it is divided and inconclusive that the LGBT activists will continue to present arguments to justify such lifestyles with the strategic hope of swinging public opinion in their favour. Remember, public opinion is what matters,

This, my friends, is no small detail. The article seems to suggest, as in previous reports, that the only reason Section 377A has remained is that ours is still a conservative society. And for the sake of the majority, the law has been retained as such. The questions are, “Will society remain conservative? For how long? Who will make the majority in the future?” In the judge’s opinion, it is undeniable that a society’s sexual morals will change, ‘however, these changes, to varying degrees, take time.'” (emphasis mine) In other words, there is a very strong possibility that it is only a matter of time when we may have to face the harsh reality of a new set of sexual norms in our society; and a law that allows and protects it.

Well, as mentioned above, that is how laws are set in the land when it is left to Man, to a secular government. As Christians, we live by a different dictate. Our laws and moral standards are unchangeable because God, the Lawmaker and Judge, is immutable and consistent. He does not waiver nor bow to public opinion at all. God knows that His standards are for the good of Mankind, and when violated will only bring pain and death. Christians who truly believe this must not remain silent. As salt, we are called upon to preserve and to flavour the society we live in. As light, we must shine the light of righteousness.

Sadly, in today’s challenge of worldviews, we will not be looked upon favourably. Each time Christians speak up against the LGBT Agenda, we will be seen as unloving, ungracious and intolerant. These will not view it as loving them that they may know the truth and be saved from the wrath of God through Jesus Christ. On the contrary, we must be prepared for them to retaliate. As clearly expressed by their lawyer, We will continue to fight until we collectively position ourselves on the right side of history, and towards a more inclusive society.” (emphasis mine) I am fully aware that this statement was made in the context of a legal battle. However, let us not be naive to miss the spiritual battle that rages on behind.

I hate to admit it but their resolve to their cause is commendable. I just wonder if we Christians would be as convicted to stand up and speak up for our faith, our families and the future of our nation? Or will we silently contribute to public opinion and one day wake up to find ourselves on the wrong side of history?

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