Totally Blessed on My Birthday


Each year, by the time it gets to my birthday, I am usually too tired to celebrate it. Mine’s the last in the Lim Tribe’s Birthday series, and after eight birthdays in seven months, I am totally happy to let mine pass quietly.

But that is not how it is to my children. To them, a birthday is a birthday and birthdays are meant to be celebrated, whether you are tired or not! To this end, I am really glad they made that extra effort for me. When I woke up that Saturday morning, they filed into the room with self-made birthday cards, complete with drawings, bible verses and specially-crafted birthday blessings all on their own, right from their hearts!


In the afternoon, I was further surprised by Serene, who announced that she made not one, but TWO, cheesecakes for me! And so, we tucked into cake no.1 for tea, and brought cake no.2 for dinner. Dinner was later spent with my parents and aunt at Crystal Jade, Terminal 3. As always, a sumptuous meal and great company!


I was totally blessed on my 49th birthday by my wife, my children and parents! It sure made me feel really special.

Not only that, my birthday was made even more special when on Thursday night, the CVSOM Diploma class whipped out a cheesecake and card during the break. On Friday morning, our church’s InfoComms Team presented another cake (yes, cheese!) after our meeting and discussion. On Friday night, Breakthru Discipleship Group, upon learning that I would visit them that night, rushed to get a cake (no, not cheese) to celebrate with me. Not just my family, but also my family-in-Christ!

Truly, truly richly blessed!! Thank you, everyone, for making my 49th birthday so very special!

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