Why You Should Homeschool by James Emery White

I’m glad someone wrote this about homeschooling:

Why You Should Homeschool by James Emery White – ChurchLeaders.com – Christian Leadership Blogs, Articles, Videos, How To’s, and Free Resources.

Before you hastily click this post away because of your preconceived notions of homeschooling, consider these little excerpts:

“Because homeschooling is what lets you guard and protect your child’s heart and optimally mold their character in a dark and fallen world.”

“We live in a day of underprotective parenting. Our culture has declared war on children in so many ways. Homeschooling is one of the ways we can fight back.”

“Many who say they are not temperamentally suited to homeschooling are using that as a smokescreen when the truth is they are not willing to exercise the patience and submit to the sacrifice needed to homeschool.”

Granted that homeschooling is no walk in the park and many will reject it without even giving it a thought. In any case, this article is still a worthwhile read especially if your goal is to parent “your child’s inner world”. And given the mess the world is in and how this is being packaged into sleek education modules and dumped into our children’s minds, you might just want to give this some prayerful consideration 🙂

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