Valentine’s Dinner with My Wife

We didn’t plan it at all. After all, it’s been quite a while since we last observed Valentine’s Day, let alone celebrate it. So, it was totally impromptu that morning when I asked Serene if she would be open to having dinner with me, alone, without seven children in tow. Even after she said ‘yes’, we weren’t sure if we could secure a booking, given our last-minute decision. Making the call later, I managed to get the last two seats at the sushi counter of Matsuo Sushi Restaurant.

We’ve been eating here for almost 18 years!

This little Japanese restaurant at Goldhill Plaza is our favourite place for sashimi and sushi – fresh and good value. We discovered it when we were staying at Keng Lee Road many years ago. Interestingly, we found out that it has been opened for 18 years already. That means we have been eating there for as long as we’ve been married – almost! Well, until we had a few more children and that made it difficult for Serene to eat out. In recent times, I would ta-pao* sashimi platters back home for Serene so that she can still enjoy a good meal after a hard day’s work.

After settling dinner for the kids, we left for our dinner date. I was really excited and looked forward to spending that evening with my wife, sans kids. Yes, just the two of us. Once seated at the counter, we left it to the boss to prepare the meal for us. Every dish was tasty and delicious, made even more delectable and enjoyable with Serene by my side. We had a great time talking and reminiscing.

I am thankful we made a special effort to get out to be with one another that night. Admittedly, this has not been easy for us given the number of young children we have. To be out alone without rushing through a meal is truly a luxury for us. Hope we don’t have to wait too long before we get to do this again — 18th Anniversary Dinner next month? 🙂


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