CVSOM 5th Graduation Ceremony: It’s Like Giving Birth

This year’s graduation theme.

It happened again today. The graduates gathered for the rehearsal of Covenant Vision School of Ministry‘s 5th Graduation Ceremony and we bowed for the opening prayer. As I closed my eyes, I could feel the emotions rise within my heart. I had to pause for a moment before uttering the first words of prayer. You would think that after four graduation ceremonies, I would be used to it by now. Well, not quite. Each time a batch of Certificate and Diploma students graduate, I find myself overwhelmed all over again.

Posing with some of the graduates of the Diploma in Practical Christian Ministry
Some of the graduates of the Certificate in Practical Christian Ministry

My heart swelled as I watched the opening video. Through the time of praise and worship, I determined to give Jesus the loudest shout of praise! It is because of Him, entirely, that we have had this awesome privilege to train and impact lives. Then came the word of exhortation by Rev Francis Khoo, and after that, prayers for the Certificate and Diploma graduates by Ps Linda Ng and Bro David Leong respectively. I could sense the excitement and passion from the hearts of every graduate seated behind me! The time came for the presentation of certificates and I read out each name with great pride and joy. Announcing the awards, I wished we could have given everyone one – for they all did their best for Jesus. As Sis Poh Peng and Sis Josefin presented the Graduates’ Responses, I listened and beamed like a proud father.

Amidst the laughter and well wishes after the ceremony, I remarked to some, “Each year, it’s like giving birth.”

Sis Amara, an inspiration to the younger ones. Having completed the Certificate programme, she is continuing with the Diploma programme!

This is what ministry is all about – touching and changing lives for Jesus and His Kingdom. My prayer for each graduate is that they will take what they have learnt and use it productively and effectively wherever God would place them! I have seen them grow and change in the way they minister, and also in their hunger and passion for the Lord! I thank God for this wonderful privilege to have been a part of their spiritual walk and journey.

For now, it’s back to teaching and leading the present batch of Certificate and Diploma students. And when the time comes for their graduation, I guess I’d better be ready for another emotional experience 🙂

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