Thanks for 100,000 Views!!!

Today, viewership crossed the 100,000 mark since this personal website was launched in 2007! Although this figure is extremely modest, it is still something to be celebrated. A special word of thanks and appreciation to all who have supported in one way or another.

At times, it has been tough to write or post anything, given a much heavier schedule these days. That said, it has been most encouraging to receive feedback that articles have touched lives and opinions have helped clarify perspectives. To this end, I will do my best to keep writing and to keep sharing my life and my ministry with whoever wishes to know that more may be encouraged and blessed!

Above all. my desire is to share Jesus and how He has saved me into a life of abundance and purpose. My prayer is that God will use this blog to bring more people to Jesus, that they too may be saved from eternal condemnation to have eternal life through knowing Jesus!

Once again, thanks to all who have visited this website. If you’re not yet subscribed to receive posts as they are published, please feel free to do so by keying in your email under EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION in the column to the right. Also, if you’d like to receive the regular bi-monthly newsletters, you can subscribe to a different mailing list HERE.

Here’s to the next 100,000 views – hopefully in a much shorter time 🙂

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