Christians & Halloween

Let me say from the onset that this article might offend some brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s about Halloween, or more precisely, Christians who see no problem celebrating or allowing their children to participate in such activities.

Halloween was never a big deal for us in Singapore. Not until recently, at least. I guess we are occupied enough with our own version of ghastly ghostlies in the Festival of Hungry Ghosts, or the traditional 7th Lunar Month, when disowned and disenchanted spirits are released from hell to roam the earth for food.Β In recent years, with the influx and influence of the West, Halloween is being celebrated in a much bigger way. Walk into any department store or supermarket and you will see pumpkins, scary masks and spider webs! Even nightspots and tourist venues are staging Halloween themed events.

Interestingly, local Christians are very clear that we are not to participate in the Festival of Hungry Ghosts. That’s a no-no. But Halloween? Sadly, we don’t have as clear a consensus on this. To my horror, I saw a Facebook photo post of a brother-in-Christ’s house being decorated for Halloween! Then, there’s another post of someone else’s child all dressed up for a Halloween party!

I simply cannot understand why Christians would want to be associated with demons, monsters, vampires, black cats, witches, blood, gore and death?! Rationalise any way you want, but it is all spiritually extremely dark and evil! How can Christian parents even think their children look cute and attractive in those costumes, simply in the name of fun and entertainment?

On the one hand, we war against principalities and powers, against rulers of darkness, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places (Eph 6:12). Yet, on the other hand, we dress up to look like them! 1 Thess 5:22 exhorts us to “abstain from every form of evil” and we are rushing out to be ambassadors of evil. Something just doesn’t add up! Have we become so de-sensitized by pop culture that we no longer see these as Satan’s agents and co-workers? Do we not realise that these would one day share the same fate with the devil in the lake of fire and brimstone?

I know not everyone will agree with my position, passing this off as legalistic or narrow-minded. That’s fine. I will agree with you that we may not necessarily interpret our freedom in Christ in the same way. To this end, if you sincerely feel that celebrating Halloween brings glory to our Lord Jesus, I won’t stand in your way. As for me, I remain convicted that we as children of light should have nothing to do with anything that manifests the kingdom of darkness.

“For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light … and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” Eph 5:8-11


31 thoughts on “Christians & Halloween

  1. Ironically “Halloween” or All hallow’s evening is Christian. But like so many early Christian traditions it has pagan roots for eg. Christmas. Should Christians not celebrate Christmas or Easter too? What has elves and pine tress or rabbits and eggs got to do with Jesus?

  2. Please don’t be a bigot and blame black cats as some devilish object. They are simply cats, such ignorance is what led to extreme animal cruelty in the Middle Ages towards cats.

  3. This article reflects something interesting…
    Christianity is from the West as well! And many “western” traditions, customs, religions are too often misunderstood when transmitted to other countries, cultures, mentalities. In my opinion, “western” Christianity and “asian” Christianity are two different religions. If you chose not to celebrate Halloween, and I am glad to hear that you are in peace with that choice, but please no judgement! The first thing I have learnt at Church is tolerance. With all respect to all of you.

    1. Christianity originated from Israel about 2000 years ago. Not from the Westerners. Christmas and Halloween come from the West. These 2 festivals do not come from the Bible. They are the products of western culture. Read the Bible, New Testament to see for yourself.

  4. I agree with your post except for the black cat point. I own a black cat and he’s a lovely companion. Black cats are created by God so please don’t lump them together with all the negative spiritual stuff!! πŸ™‚

  5. I don’t think we should go to the extremes on this. If it is in the name of fun, and it does not hurt anybody, why take the extreme/intolerant approach? We live in a harmonious and religious tolerant society based on the above values. If we become religious bigots, we no longer bond with our hindu friends over Deepavali, nor Muslim pals over Puasa, nor Buddhist buddies over Vesak day celebrations. Nor will we expect non-Christian friends to celebrate Christmas with us. Is this something that we want as a society? Christians should be able to tell apart what is really necessary for Christianity, who is the God that we love and worship. If I eat at the house of a friend who is not Christian, or play games (like Halloween festivities) that has no roots in religion, or take part in an exercise activity founded by people of other faith (yoga, for instance), or go to the cinema to watch X-men/Poltergeist etc, or watch CSI (what? Science instead of divine intervention?), it does not make me love God less. Bigotry and extremism are dangerous and will just split the an already fragile society structure.

  6. I see no point in Sunday Christians pretending to act like Saints in Church, refrain from taking part in Halloween parties, and on a normal weekday, backstab their colleagues at work. The true devil in these Christians shine in the work place!

  7. Well said.
    Children of the light have nothing to do with death, darkness and the living God.

    I do wonder how many of us even teach about food offered to idols.

  8. Christianity is over 2000+ years old now, like many other religions, Islam, Buddism, Hinduism, etc which have their own respective historical festivals and cultural practices too.

    All the religions have their own cultures and believes with practices of traditions. Now we are in modern progressive world, we should think wisely, maturely, openly, intellectually, and intelligently with progress of time.

    Halloween is not practiced by a lots of Christians all over the world nowadays, including myself. Only some sections of Christians still practice the tradition, especially in the west, which is public holiday too.

    Just like Chinese and buddists who practice Ching-Meng( Cleaning of Graveyards for their dead ancestors and family members) in March and Ghost Festival in August each year.

    Therefore, it is up to individuals like you or me concerned to carry on the traditions or just ignore it or abstain from believing the Halloween Festival now, which it is similar toChinese Ghost Festival, except they wear all sort of ghostly or errie face and body suit-casts to express themselves as ghosts or devils. This may be right for the believers, and not right for non-believers nowadays. So nothing is wrong or right depending upon individual traditional believes and cultural or religious practices.

    Hope all Christians will have right attitude and thinking with wisdom to suit themselves over time in this ever changing world, without any prejudice for any traditional practices and religious festivals, especially in different religions, cultures, traditions, races, creeds, etc.

    Otherwise there will be tremendous troubles and fightings in intra- or inter-religious, cultural warfares, like muslims now fighting among themselves in different factions and sectorial groups all over the world, especially in West Asia, like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, etc now, affecting politically, economically and in complete disunity at all, causing so great miseries for millions of people who are now in mass migrations as refugees concerned.

    God of Universe can never bring peace and prosperity to the world nowadays, since human beings are divided by races, religions, cultures, creeds and believes, with good, bad and ugly humans all mix together to continue in all sorts of troubles, disagreements, and intolerance of one anothers in this modern world till now. Nothing can be done by anyone to resolve these various human problems in this 7.25 Billions populations world today. There will be no more peace and living tranquility now and in future.

  9. First:, “Judge not that ye be not judged” Matthew 7:1
    Second: God created pumpkins and spiders.
    Third: Halloween is as secular a tradition as the Easter bunny and Santa Claus.
    Fourth: Halloween is playing dress up – a fancy dress occasion in other words where kids and adults alike can dress up as Superheroes, Power Rangers, Disney princesses, or Mother Theresa if they like. Sure there are some gouls and goblins, but as a Christian, you can help educate others to dress up as their role models, say, than judge your brothers and sisters in Christ”s actions. I’m sure they are more genuine than the pastor’s wife “preaching the gospel” in “China Wine.” Hey, that’s a Halloween outfit right there: “Geisha,” or should it just be “hypocrite?”

    1. First, understand Matt 7:1 in proper context.
      Second, God created everything.
      Third, “secular” is what we have been led to believe.
      Fourth, I thought you mentioned something about not judging?

  10. Well in this case, don’t celebrate Chinese New Year or lantern festival for the matter.
    Know its origins. Religion behind it. And why it’s celebrated.

    It’s not all about red packets.

    Heh. Maybe we should all just be nuns.

    1. Yes, that’s the right principle. Check everything and discern what is religious/spiritual and what is cultural. Not always that easily discerned. Be a nun if that’s how you are personally led – no prob with that πŸ™‚

  11. Religious tolerance brother. We should all be wiser to understand one another. See the good in every person or religion. Jesus said love one another. Every thing here on earth is God’s creation and we are all commanded to love one another. If you can’t love them, try to understand them. If you can’t understand them, respect them and promote religious tolerance. We all belong to one human race. Peace be with you brother. Our Creator will be happy that we love each other and promoting world peace.

  12. Hi Brother Henson. All the Glory and Honor belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for this message. its so sad that some Christians are being misled by traditions. just as I was before. But not anymore because we are more than conquerors. Thank you Lord for showing us the way.

  13. Good sharing. I am shocked to hear from Christian kids that their children church celebrate Halloween, each child is given two dots bite print on their neck, which represent vampires. I m stunt !!

  14. It is all about perspective and how it is being treated.. too serious and everything is a big No, take it light-hearted, see it from a differing perspective and it is ok. Just not too long ago, People were persecuted and tormented, when one just think of lustful thoughts… yes, now Christians are against Halloween , then later others that does not sound biblical. if so, pls look up how Christmas originated, it is not even the day Christ was born where one is lead to believe but rather created to appeal to the masses. Even the color red and the jolly old man is the creation of Coke Cola ad team. Look at just that history and origination. Based on what you said about association with darkness,Christians should not even celebrate Christmas too.

  15. These are my two cents on the matter… As others have said, holidays have long mingled and mixed into what we now know in modern culture. They all bear some form of pagan root. Halloween’s just happens to be less concealed.

    Yet what matters most importantly, I think, are the reasons we choose to celebrate these holidays. If I am celebrating Christmas, my heart knows it’s because of Christ’s birth, fellowship, and the freedom of giving and receiving. If I am celebrating Chinese New Year, my heart knows it’s because I enjoy spending time with family, and eating things we get during that time of year. If I am celebrating Halloween, my heart knows it’s because I enjoy dressing up, having fun with friends, and making kids happy with some sweets.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely dislike the fact that Halloween as we know it today involves demons, witches, and the like. Scary things such as these have never sat well with me as a person, thus how much more they unease me as a Christian… So I don’t take part in that side of the holiday. Just like I don’t take part in writing letters to Santa during Christmas, or temple visitations during CNY. To me, that’s fine. And I could even use the holiday as a way to meet and reach out to others.

    Like I said, though, that’s my own two cents.

  16. It is not surprising for someone who chose a religion (rejecting other religions) to continue to rail against others, even your own kind.

    Stop celebrating Christmas then – it was hijacked from the Pagans.

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