This is Life!

This morning (Tues 25 Sept 2012), I had the opportunity to have breakfast with my parents just before they left for the airport for another long trip.

Honestly, I have lost count of the number of trips and where they have been. Each time someone asks me if they are away or where they are, I find myself saying “I don’t know” as I have not been able to keep track of their travels. And to comments that they travel a lot, my reply would always be, “Isn’t it such a blessing that they are able to, that they have both the means and the health to travel and enjoy themselves?”

Looking back, my parents did not come from rich families. They have experienced the hard life and have both worked very hard to provide for myself and my sister. It is indeed wonderful that they can relax and enjoy each other’s company as they take in the sights and marvel at God’s creation all over the world.

In Singapore, they enjoy their 7 grandchildren. And on this trip, they will see their other 3 grandchildren over in Southampton. Along the way, there will be stopovers in Bangkok, Spain, Rome, Israel and South Korea before returning to Singapore.

Truly, this is life! And I am so thankful to the good Lord for sustaining them with His grace and favour. The greatest joy I have is that they have both encountered the Lord personally for themselves and have learnt to continually rest in Him for strength and direction.

Dad & Mom, I love you lots! You have showered us with so much of your love and care in your own special ways. My prayers are always with you that the Lord will grant us many more years of being together. And we praise Him too that when time on earth is done, we have the confidence that we will continue with one another through eternity in His presence!

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