Another Miracle Cure?

It’s been a while since Serene and Sarah have been suffering from severe eczema. As husband and father, it has been painful for me to see them go through the discomforts, inconveniences and the numerous adjustments to various suggestions, treatments and programmes.

We have been referred to many great skin doctors and dermatologists. And more than a few times, many have approached me with new methods, new creams, new discoveries and new breakthroughs, usually accompanied by DVDs of testimonies of how it has worked miraculously for people suffering from skin disorders and other even more serious diseases or conditions.

At my suggestion and request, Serene has written a post on this, “Another One Bites The Dust“, detailing what has been tried and how all have not worked.

Whilst we appreciate the care and concern of all who have suggested and still recommending the latest ‘miracle’ cure, we hope we do not offend anyone by our appearing cynical or skeptical. We do not mean to be, but it is hard to believe anything else when we have really and truly heard it all. Every “salesperson” will present his product as the best thing since sliced bread and the answer to all of humanity’s problems.

That said, we continue to believe in only one name … the name of Jesus and what He has already accomplished on the Cross for us. As Serene has shared in the post, this ordeal has drawn her closer to the Lord and that is reason enough to rejoice in and through the difficult moments. I know it has not been easy for her, nor for Sarah, but they have been a great testimony and encouragement to me of what it means to stand strong in the Lord, His grace and His promises.

As a pastor and minister, I have my own theological and doctrinal convictions. Not that these are bad; but at times, I can be utterly and totally insensitive to what my wife and daughter are going through. I am learning to speak less, to pray even more and to continue to love and serve them as best as I possibly can.

To all who have been following us on this journey, we want to thank you for loving and caring for us by constantly praying for us. God willing, we hope to share great news of God’s miraculous healing soon … only by His abundant and amazing grace!

One thought on “Another Miracle Cure?

  1. If you read the story of John G Lake, he also went through much testings in the area of sickness before he was used mightily to heal the sick.
    They need to go through this so that the purpose of God may be made manifested in their lives in later stage.

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