There Is More!


This was the theme for Covenant Vision School of Ministry’s Encounter Weekend this year. Over 24 & 25 March, Sat and Sun, more than 80 of us, comprising students and alumni, gathered at Fort Canning Lodge (YWCA) for our yearly corporate encounter with the Lord. With the theme clearly stated, many came with that one expectation – that the Lord would pour out so much more into our lives and ministry.

Everyone came with a heart of expectation and a readiness to receive, for there is MORE!

From the word “go”, the Holy Spirit took over. Whether it was praise and worship, teaching sessions, discussions, morning prayer or meal and fellowship times, the Lord was present with us. Through laughter and tears, God lavished more and more of His love and grace upon every participant.

Whilst hearts were prepared to receive more that weekend, the Lord led me to teach about “Barriers to More”. Not exactly an easy thing to do but the conviction was so strong that I could not shake it off. Drawing from 2 Sam 11 & 12, from the infamous account of David and Bathsheba, I shared TEN barriers that would keep one from receiving more from God. After the message, the participants responded to the altar call and streamed forward, one by one falling on their knees before the Lord.

Groups discussion time, led and facilitated by CVSOM Alumni.

Strangely, at that moment, I felt the need to wait and not pray for anyone yet. It was a lesson of obedience for me not to run ahead of the Holy Spirit in my own enthusiasm. After two songs, I sensed the leading to sing “More Love More Power” and promptly communicated that to the worship leader. Everyone joined in and cried out for more of the Lord, and in a while, I sensed the release from the Holy Spirit to begin praying. I motioned to the leaders to proceed and we moved forward to pray. Oh, how the Holy Spirit ministered to everyone! I believe the Lord set many of them free that night.

All on their knees with hearts ready to remove any barrier that stands in the way of MORE from the Lord.

This is our 5th Encounter Weekend. And yet, God never fails to surprise me year after year. The way He leads the speakers in the preparation of the messages is simply amazing. Without discussion, we find the message and points flowing seamlessly from one into another. Even in the logistics, rooming and groupings, we see the Lord’s hand arranging everything so perfectly and beautifully. At the close of the event, this is the first time we have participants running up so readily, one after another, to share their encounters and to give glory to Jesus! It was so wonderful to see lives impacted by God.

Truly, there is so much MORE that God has in store for every believer. If we would but position our hearts rightly before Him, to be aware of the barriers that so often stand in the way, He is more than ready and willing to give us MUCH MUCH MORE!

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