How Would You Answer?

When non-believers ask questions, they are usually very good and interesting ones; at times, amusing even 🙂  But what is even more interesting is the response of the Christian to whom the questions are posed.  Perhaps, it is just simple faith that has seen these believers through their entire Christian life.  For, when it comes to handling tough and tricky questions, many find themselves at a loss.

Take for example the following remarks and questions made and posed by someone* who started reading the bible given by a well-meaning believer …

“The bible, in the Genesis section, says that the God (that all bible readers refer to) is the god of the Israelis (Jews) only,  not the Egyptians, not all the other peoples of the world. Then where did these people come from. Another pair of Adam and Eve? Also, if the original Adam & Eve keep producing offspring from the same genes, many of the descendents would have been very sick with Down’s Syndrome, be Mongoloids, half wits, idiots, crippled etc. It also said that those well known descendents of Adam and Eve had servants. Who are these servants? Are they not also descendents of Adam & Eve. If so, then they are the relatives of these well known descendents like Abraham, Moses Noah etc. Then why are they made servants. They should be the children and grand children of these people, not servants. Don’t tell me they made their relatives their servants and god was still so happy with them?

This God also encouraged killing of animals to sacrifice to him and he also asked Abraham to sacrifice his son to him. He also asked for first born sons to be sacrificed to him. He was encouraging killing of people! And he also frequently asked to be glorified, like being very proud. I thought wise people always say,”Be humble. Don’t be proud!” Also, actual history says that people who lived long long ago did not live long because there were no medicines, vaccines, medical knowledge etc. They normally died at 30+. So, why did the descendents of Adam & Eve live for hundreds of years? Is that possible?

I stopped reading after I realised that there are too many doubts unanswered.”

You have to admit that these are really good questions!  But what are the answers?  If these questions were directed at you by your non-believer friend, how would you answer?

*If you are that someone who asked these, don’t be upset to find your questions here. These are really good questions and that’s why I have used them for illustration. Or perhaps, these look or sound extremely similar to what you have asked before. Not surprising at all, because these aren’t original and many have struggled and wrestled with the same issues.  The truth is, Christians may or may not have all the answers you are looking for. That said, it does not alter the Truth that God is the God of all creation and that Jesus is the only Way of salvation and to eternal life. My prayer for you is that your heart will be open to all God has for you, that you will respond in faith to believe in Jesus and be saved!

5 thoughts on “How Would You Answer?

  1. Hello, Pastor Lim, I reblogged this piece. May I ask your permission for me to put it into a Chinese version? I think it will benefit my Chinese readers. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Elisabeth, I’m glad that you found this post useful. By all means, translate to Chinese so that more may be blessed. However, could you let me know your blogsite again? I tried to visit it through the link but was unable to. Thank you. God bless you and your ministry.

  2. I have not translated it yet. After your permission, I will.

    I updated my domain name as to be less personal as the former one.

    But the old one will exist for a while.

    Thanks again!

    Have a blessing day!

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