Be a Super Parent!

I knew this title would catch your attention 🙂

Some months back, I was asked to contribute a few points to Scripture Union’s newsletter on how “to be a super parent”.  My initial reaction was to ignore the request, or give some excuse that I had no time to meet the extremely tight print deadline.  Serene and I have never considered ourselves as super parents and we definitely did not want to give any wrong impression that we were even close to being good or great parents; that perhaps, with more than a few children, we are now more qualified than others.

Well, despite my attempts to ‘run away’ from this task, I could not ignore the persistence of the editor.  And so, I penned a few statements and sent it off for print.

Reading these statements again, after leaving it for a while, I thought it’d be good to share it on my blog.  In no way are these “super parent” tips 🙂  Just great reminders for all parents, including Serene and myself.  And if you feel others can be likewise encouraged, feel free to share.  Be blessed …

As published in Scripture Union News Oct-Dec 2011.

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