Where Are We Headed?

The Straits Times, Thurs 8 Dec 2011, A9.

Yesterday, I flipped our local newspapers, The Straits Times, to discover yet another sign of the times we live in.

In the name of human rights, US will lead the charge to boost gay rights around the world. To be sure, the world has been blessed by many good things from the USA. At the same time, the negative influences of the world’s most powerful nation have also made its way into many countries and cultures. And now, they are wanting to champion gay causes globally. Perhaps, this is to distract people from their ailing debt-ridden economy that they are shifting focus, or to buy more votes and support from a fast-increasing group of influential people. Who knows? Whatever the reasons or motivation, whether political or not, I won’t mince words to say that there is a spiritual, demonic force behind it.

What is happening to this nation that was once built on biblical foundations? Have they taken for granted their rise to success, that it was all due to their own hard work, talents and creativity? Has this great nation forgotten God?

It is indeed worrying that the highest powers of USA have stepped out with this rallying cry to accept and promote such lifestyles. It is as if there is no shame anymore, that society is now subtly pressured to normalise such behaviour. Years ago, this would not have happened. Back in my theatre days, I came across some who struggled with their attraction to same-sex relationships. How they struggled! When they finally resolved that tension, they would “come out of the closet”. Even so, it was not widely publicised. But today, even Singapore has taken to inviting the likes of Elton John and his partner, with their adopted son, to grace our stages and opening ceremonies! How sad, that USA, with her Christian Puritan roots should today lead the world in the coming out of the closet.

Is there any stopping such a move, and others like it? I think not. And that is not due to a lack of faith in my God who does the impossible. The Bible is very clear that in the last days, these activities would increase. There will be compromises at every level; even in the Church, and those who call themselves Christians.

The world is headed for disaster. On the one hand, the World Health Organisation is battling a potential global AIDS epidemic. Yet, on the other hand, governments like the Obama Administration is pushing for gay rights, which further promotes sexual promiscuity and encourages the spread of such fatal diseases. On a smaller, but no less alarming, scale, Singapore recognises the need to strengthen the family. Yet, we also face the increasing pressure to allow and accept gay initiatives, rationalising it as needful for any nation that has come of age. Where are we headed?

Still, God has not left the world alone to die without hope. He has already made the way open through His Son, Jesus Christ; and those who would repent and believe in Him will be saved! This invitation is for all mankind. God loves all gays and lesbians, and desires that they be saved too. This is not the place to debate whether gays are born that way. All I know is that we are all born in Adam, in sin. Hence, the need to be born again, of the Spirit, through faith in Jesus Christ. And, to be sure, repentance and salvation will result in a change of values and lifestyle, one that is holy and pleasing to God.

The world may be heading for disaster. I thank God that there is hope in Jesus Christ.

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