Media Trash

You may be wondering why I am featuring the latest cover of Cosmopolitan in my blog.  Well, this morning, I was standing in line to pay at the petrol station and the magazine caught my eye.  No, not the model, but the feature article, “Love Booster. SEXY TOUCHES HE CRAVES: How to tell him he’s the best boyfriend ever!”

Just the night before, I was having a WhatsApp exchange with a church member about relationships and how casual sex has become between interested parties.  Just two occasions of going out together and they are already sleeping with one another, I am told.  I then remarked, “Interesting how such info is shared so freely.”  Apparently, the younger ones have no issue talking about their sexual escapades!

The title of the feature article only confirmed what is taking place in the lives of young couples today.  Or more accurately, it is precisely such media trash that is propagating such loose values in our society.  Notice how the terms are used.  To boost or enhance love, the young woman is told that the man needs to be touched … sexily.  Love has become synonymous with sex.  In other words, without sexy touches, don’t expect your relationship to go anywhere.  Next, it is something the man craves, and expects.  So ladies, give him what he wants and expects.  If not, be prepared to lose your man.  Finally, it’s your boyfriend we are talking about.  Not your husband, but your boy friend.

In today’s language, no one would bat an eyelid, I’m sure.  But do you see how we are all being brainwashed and desensitised?  This is the media trash our young women are picking up, reading and internalising.  I am not picking on this particular magazine title, which incidentally was banned for 22 years before being allowed to hit Singapore newsstands recently.  If I am not wrong, it was considered too raunchy and too bold for our conversative society many years ago.  See how things (and values) have changed.  Pick up any other magazine and you will see the same type of articles.  It’s all about having great sex, satisfying your partner, getting the most out of a relationship physically, dressing provocatively.

Hey, don’t get me wrong please!  I am all for sex!  After all, God created sex when He created Adam and Eve and in His own words, “It was very good!” 🙂  That is true!  But God intended sex to be enjoyed within a love relationship called the institution of marriage, between a husband and a wife.  Sadly, this has been thwarted and perverted ever since the fall.  Today, in society, to be open means to embrace and engage in free sex.

To my dear sisters-in-Christ, don’t fall for this lie!  Don’t succumb any longer to media trash that tell you how to dress, how to behave and how you need to have body enhancements to be attractive!  Don’t compromise yourselves in a relationship with a man.  If he cannot wait for you, he isn’t worth it at all – and I don’t care if he attends church, leads a cell group or can memorise Scriptures well.

2 thoughts on “Media Trash

  1. I fully agree with you write-up
    As a mother i am really concerned about this. How society’s values have changed.. speeding downhill!!!

    I pray and release my girls to God’s care.

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