Rainbows Over Davao City

Beautiful sign of God's presence with us in Davao.

I was resting in my hotel room when Karen knocked on the door to let us know there was a double rainbow in the sky.  I drew the curtains and there it was … a beautiful sight to behold!  In our hearts, we knew it was God’s way of telling us that He was with us in Davao, and will continue to be with us through the entire ministry trip.

This is our second trip to Davao: 9-14 Nov 2011.  I was invited by Ps Joel again to speak at this year’s Young Adults Conference.  Except for Cam Yew and Edward, the rest of the team came with me.  Karen was the only first-timer on this trip … and she was the first to spot the rainbow, on her birthday 🙂  Isn’t God good?!

The team at Terminal 2 all ready for battle!
Outside CAP Auditorium with Rev Dave Walker and Rev Yoel Sukardi.

I am so thankful to be able to minister alongside my friend from TCA, Rev Yoel Sukardi.  We had good fun catching up and reminiscing about the good old days, fellowshipping and singing in the Students Lounge.  I also had the privilege to meet his friend, Rev Dave Walker, an American with a big heart for missions.  It was such a blessing for me to learn from these two men of God, hearing missionary stories and of how God is so faithful in each and every situation.

Sis Linda and Sis Gret sharing a song item with David on keyboards.
Another song item by Sis Linda, with David on electric guitar.

Once again, the energy and passion of the young adults there never fails to inspire me.  They have such hunger and desire to serve the Lord and to make a difference in their communities.  Each time, when they respond to the altar call, I can sense their deep cry for God to transform and use them for His glory.  What a mighty army that will be raised for Jesus!  I firmly believe that many of these will be used powerfully by the Lord in the days ahead.

The highest point for me was when Bro Nor Rai-Rai took to the stage and ministered in song.  It was an awesome moment for me as this dear brother, born with a disability, shared and sang.  You can read about this in a separate post, A Song Just For Me.

Praying for all who responded to the altar call.
With Pastor Joel Acaso after the morning worship services.

On Sunday, I spoke at both morning services at Holy Ground Family Fellowship.  As usual, I enjoyed the time of praise and worship, led by Ps Rowena and the HGFF Worship Team.  There is lots our own worship team can learn from our Filipino brothers and sisters.  When they sing and play, they really give their all and very best to the Lord!  It was high energy all the way from the depths of their hearts.  I had to restrain myself from singing and shouting so my voice is preserved for preaching 🙂

Children's Community Outreach and Feeding Programme.

That afternoon, we headed out to a village for a Children’s Community Outreach and Feeding Programme, organised by the Young Adults Network, a loose co-operative amongst Young Adults Ministries in Davao.  The weather was fine and the activities moved seamlessly with the children participating enthusiastically!  Our Singapore team contributed a short skit through which each showcased their creative acting and dancing talents 🙂

Surely this deserves an Oscar! From left: Sis Karen, Sis Linda, Sis Gret, Bro David, Sis Elsie.
David should be very used to this, playing big brother to little sisters.

On the final morning, prior to checking out, our team came together for a time of sharing and reflection.  Although we were there to give and to serve, everyone agreed that we received a lot more from the Lord and the people of Philippines.  God’s goodness and faithfulness was experienced in new and fresh dimensions, as was His love and grace.  We praise and thank God for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of what He is doing in Davao, Mindanao, Philippines.

From left: Rev Dave Walker, Rev Felix Carsano, myself & Rev Yoel Sukardi.

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