Even Great Men Die

Yesterday, 5 Oct 2011, the world mourned the loss of a creative genius in Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. Without doubt, Jobs had made a tremendous impact in the technological world. From the very first Apple computer to the present iPhones and iPads, there was always something different, something revolutionary, something special.

Understandably, the Internet was abuzz with Steve Jobs articles and reports. Facebook could be renamed SteveBook for a while, with posts from Apple fans recounting anything and everything about Jobs and Apple; from old commercials, to commencement speeches, to inspirational quotations.

As I read these updates, I had one question upon my heart … was Steve Jobs saved? Googling this question, I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who wondered. Sadly, I found that Jobs was not a Christian when he died. This article from Christian Post reports, “Jobs became a Buddhist after a trip to India in 1974. Two years later, Jobs co-founded Apple and marketed the world’s first personal computer, the Apple II.”

Although I’ve enjoyed Apple products (and still enjoying them), I don’t consider myself an Apple fan. Similarly, whilst I admire Jobs’ foresight and insight, I am not a Jobs fan. As such, you won’t find me posting anything about Jobs or Apple. I am only writing this personal reflection because Jobs’ demise has made it even clearer to me that we will all die one day. Even great men like Jobs cannot prevent their own death. It is indeed admirable that Jobs continued to lead Apple as he battled cancer and sickness. But no technological discovery nor app could have kept him from dying.

Yes, even great men die. That is a certainty, I’m afraid. But are they all saved? No, not if they do not believe in Jesus. Jobs may have made great advances in making technology accessible and attractive to us all. He may have saved his own company and turned it around. He may have made many great decisions; but the most important decision of all, to believe in Jesus, he missed.

I am sure this post might be viewed as offensive to some, especially if you are an Apple fan in this time of your bereavement. Please do not read this wrongly. I love Apple products and I too mourn the loss of a great man, one whom God created in His image, who expressed the gift of God’s creativity beautifully. Yet, more than the loss of would-be Apple offerings without Jobs’ creative imprint, I mourn the loss of Jobs in eternity.

So for now, sure, let’s remember Jobs and what he has given to the world. That’s all we have left of him. And yes, learn from this great man … how to persevere, to be bold, to push the limits and break new ground, to use your God-given talents to the fullest. But also learn from his mistakes, especially the one which caused him an eternal resting place with God through faith in Jesus Christ. For, like all great men, we too will one day die.

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