Don’t Like Stomach Flu

And I’m not talking about myself.  Over the past two days, this dreaded flu hit our children – all SEVEN of them!

It started with Aaron (#3) who threw up around midnight on Sunday night.  He was buckled over with cramps in his tummy and couldn’t sleep.  I brought him to Mt Alvernia Hospital’s 24hr Clinic for some attention and medication.  Thanksfully, he managed to sleep that night.  Although he still had cramps on Monday, it wasn’t that bad.  On Tuesday morning, he was bright and cheery so we thought it was all over.

Well, it wasn’t.  It was only the beginning.

On Tuesday evening, David (#1) and Esther (#4) started throwing up.  By about 8pm, both were very weak and had to be brought to the neighborhood GP.  I was just so thankful I managed to get a parking space just behind the clinic.  If not, it would have been a reall challenge to walk them down from the multi-storey carpark.  Esther couldn’t even stand properly as she was very dizzy.  Both David and Esther received jabs.  While we were at the doctor’s, Sarah (#2) began her vomitting at home.

Check out the seven cups and the bags of medicine.

At about midnight (again), the bug hit Aaron again!  He threw up and had cramps all over again.  It was like deja vu as we made our way to the 24hr clinic again.  This time, he was jabbed.  On the way home, Serene messaged that Ruth (#5) had joined the throwing up club.  When I got home, I discovered that Anna (#7) had thrown up all over her bed and herself.  In the meantime, Sarah had thrown up about 4 times.  And so, another trip to Mt Alvernia Hospital 24hr Clinic; this time by Serene and the three girls.  I am told that the doctor refused to provide injections until Serene insisted, rather adamantly.  I waited up for them until they returned at about 4:30am.  By the time we settled the children, we got to bed past 5am.

I guess I fell asleep quite immediately, but not for long.  I was awoken by Ruth, telling me that she had thrown up again.  And since she didn’t make it to the toilet, her clothes and bed were messed up.  After cleaning up, I went back to bed … only to be woken up at about 6am by Deborah (#6) who threw up on herself!  The bug finally got to her 😦

All I can say is that it has been a very tiring and expensive affair with seven children down at the same time.  I guess the only saving grace is that it was very quiet in the house today with all of them resting and sleeping 🙂  And thank God, I got to catch up on some sleep too.  In the meantime, Serene continued to hold the fort, looking after everyone, cooking and caring for them … a mother’s love and heart.

As I write this post, the kids are all in bed now.  Anna has a slight fever but thank God she’s been such a darling.  Praying that everyone will get a good night’s sleep after last night’s saga, and that all will wake up well and fully recovered.

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