51 CVSOMers minister in Batam

The time came for Covenant Vision School of Ministry to bring our students for their next Growth & Application Opportunity Weekend … a ministry trip to Batam.  It began on 3 Aug when co-ordinator, Bro Jesudas Menon briefed the students on the requirements of the trip.  Thereafter, the students were grouped and met with their team leaders.

For the very first time, CVSOM would bring SIX teams to Batam, the largest number of teams since we first went to Batam.  Teams Leaders and Asst Leaders comprised of CVSOM Alumni who willingly returned to serve and to lead the students.  Across the next weeks, teams met to pray, to plan and to prepare.  It was not without challenge as the teams faced many distractions and bumps along the way.  On 14 Sept, the teams met for a final meeting, followed by a time of corporate prayer and consecration by Rev Francis Khoo.

All set and ready for the ferry ride to Batam.
With the co-ordinators, Bro Das & Sis Hazel, and all the team leaders.
The six teams arriving in their buses.

Over the weekend, 17 & 18 Sept, we made our journey to Batam and the teams were released to preach, to teach and to minister.  As always, God was so faithful to lead them and to show them He is in total control as they yielded and submitted to His Holy Spirit.  All teams came back with wonderful reports and how each member had learnt so much from this trip.  To God be all glory and honour!!!

Awesome worship by this Batam worship team as they sang "Give Thanks" in Bahasa and then in English.
Team 1 ministering inside this little hut at village home group, surrounded by puppies, chickens and pigs.
Sis Karen introducing members of her team.

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