Encouraged by an Anonymous SMS

To say that this week has been a very busy and heavy week would probably be an understatement of the year!  I knew I had many things lined up but had no idea how tiring it would be.  It was a huge challenge to keep the right focus and perspective as I tackled one item, one meeting, one ministry engagement at a time.

Tough as it was, knowing I am serving the Lord made all the difference.  It kept me going because I knew that my strength and my joy comes only from Him.  There were many moments when my eyes couldn’t open and my body was all ready to crash 🙂

Then in the middle of the week, close to midnight, I received this anonymous SMS  …

“Reverend Henson, I just want to thank you and all who served on Sunday.  God touched my heart deeply that day.  You don’t have to know who I am but just to know that each person you encounter, each sermon you preach is an opportunity for blessings to flow so never underestimate any situation.  Thanks again for blessing me and my relationship.”

Wow! What an encouraging word to refresh one who is running flat out for Jesus 🙂  Truly, in my weakness is His strength perfected.  His power flows best through an empty and broken vessel.

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