Discipleship Auditions?

Was just chatting with one of my church members who is a violinist. She has just graduated with a Music degree and is presently involved in nightly rehearsals for an upcoming concert. From what I hear, it’s really tough and gruelling. But she is willing to press on, to suffer, for the sake of playing amongst the best and learning all she can learn. Amidst all these, she will be auditioning to go under another violin teacher. But wait?! I thought she had already graduated! Why another audition and another teacher? Why more lessons? More practising? More stress? I can only conclude that she wants to hone her skills, to learn even more, and to really excel.

As she shared this with me, a thought crossed my mind … what if Christians were just as serious in their walk with Jesus, in discipleship? These would never be satisfied with just a weekly dose of nice-sounding sermons. They would attend classes to learn more – and not just learn but would also be willing to practise, practise and practise. My friend has shared with me of how her fingers would cramp up and her back would ache due to the many hours of practice and training. At times, even standing or walking would prove difficult. But she presses on, for the sake of her craft! Oh, if Christians would be willing to suffer the same and more for the sake of their own spiritual growth, not to mention for Jesus, their Lord and for the sake of His gospel.

These would be willing to be directed by the conductor, as he pleased. If the conductor passed a negative, stinging remark, the musician’s day is ruined. But if he said, “Well done!”, what joy and satisfaction! Oh, if only the believer would regard the words of Jesus as seriously and passionately. Afterall, is He not the Maestro of all maestros? Is He not the Conductor of one’s life, if we would allow Him to direct us as He pleases?

These would not stop at having attended a seminar or a conference every now and then. Instead, like my musician sister, they would be prepared to audition for the next level of training. Much like the people of Jesus’ days who sought rabbis to teach them and to help them attain a deeper understanding of Scriptures, these would constantly be on a look out for one who would mentor and disciple them. These would place themselves under accountability and supervision so that they are kept on the straight and narrow path that leads to life. Are Christians as hungry, I wonder? Sadly, no. After a course of study, few are willing to go on. They need a break, they say … and they never come back. I suppose they consider what they have learnt as enough, as sufficient. And to be discipled and held accountable? No, thank you!

Interesting thought that crossed my mind 🙂 What if all Christians were as serious as the best professional musicians in the world? Can you just imagine how awesome God’s orchestra of disciples would sound? Can you hear the music and the harmony? Would the Church of Jesus Christ not move hearts and rock mountains? Would the world not stop to listen?


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