CVCC Church Camp 2011 “Kingdom Expression”

The work leading up to church camp is always challenging and demanding.  Many details to look into and as many loose ends to tie up.  Amidst the flurry of activity and careful co-ordination, Covenant Vision Christian Church set off for our 2nd church camp on 5 June right after Sunday service.  There was a sense of excitement and anticipation as we boarded the buses.  Spirits were high and I could sense that everyone was looking forward to the few days together as a community of believers in Christ.

The journey to Palm Resort JB was smooth except for the rather slow Malaysian customs clearance at the Second Link.  Still, there is much to give thanks for as it could have taken a lot longer if they had insisted on the biometric scannings!  Arriving at Palm Resort and stepping into the air-conditioned room was a huge welcome.  Even better was getting to our Special Suite of three adjoining rooms!

A time of praise and worship before the teaching session.
David, having the opportunity to serve the Lord with his musical talents.

The next days were filled with worship, teaching, fellowship, food and so much fun!  Aaron, Esther and Ruth had a good time at the children’s programme.  The older ones in David and Sarah joined the adults’ sessions and were suitably engaged.  Deborah and Anna were very well behaved throughout, allowing Serene to participate and listen to the messages (most of it).  Of all, David worked the hardest as he was the resident guitarist for the worship sessions.

David and Sarah participating in their group's morning devotions.
Aaron, Esther and Ruth, and other Firestarters, with Sis Ruth Tan.

For me, it was a joy to have my entire family with me at camp.  At the same time, I really enjoyed and was greatly encouraged to see the church family bonding and getting along with one another.  Moving around, it was so good to see each one stirred and challenged by the messages and teachings by Ps Steve Cioccolanti.  Whether at devotions or during workshop discussions, there was active participation and sharing from every member.  Family Night was so funny as the groups had their special designs modelled by church members sashaying down the catwalk!

We all came away reminded that we have been and are blessed to express the Kingdom of God!  This does not happen only in church, but anywhere the Lord places us, along the way.  All praise and glory to the Lord for a wonderful church camp.  May He continue to work in each of us as we seek to express His love and grace to a lost and dying world around us.


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