Yes You Are

In January, I received an email from Rev Barnabas asking me to submit my song to the InDeep Worship Selection Committee.  It came as a pleasant surprise.  He had heard us present the song at “The Glory School” almost a year ago and still remembered it.  So I scrambled to find the nicest recording of the song, one recorded back in 2008 when we did it as my musical presentation … yes, that long ago!

When I returned from church camp last week, I received another pleasant surprise – the song has been selected and will be introduced at the next InDeep Worship on 23 June at Cornerstone Community Church!  Martin Smith (with Delirious) will be the guest speaker.  Wow!  What a privilege and an honour to be one of the six songs that will be played that night.

Here is the recording we did at church service yesterday … to the glory of YESHUA 🙂

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