Sarah’s 11th Birthday

Welcome back to the next episode of “The Lim Tribe Birthday Series”!

Our eldest daughter, Sarah, just turned 11 a few days ago.  It’s still hard for me to reconcile how my little babies are all growing up so quickly.  I guess that’s also a grim reminder that I am growing older too 🙂

The birthday girl, enjoying her dinner at Marche.
A beautiful mother-and-daughter shot of Serene and Sarah.

In the past months, Sarah has had to battle severe eczema and allergic reactions to certain food groups.  Those who have been following this blog and praying for Sarah would know how things became very bad for Sarah after our Genting trip in November 2010.  After a series of eliminations and restrictions, we finally discovered that our dear daughter was allergic to RICE!  Since refraining from rice (and other foods), Sarah’s skin is much, much better.  There is no more redness on her face and lips, and her body has healed considerably well.  What is left are the typical eczema regions.  But compared to how she suffered all over, this is a vast improvement.  Allow me to pause to thank all who have been standing in prayer with and for Sarah.  Thank you for your love and concern.  Of course, my wife, Serene, deserves mention as she has been the main caregiver and has had to adjust her entire menu and cooking to cater to Sarah’s needs.  We praise the Lord for His strength and grace!  Through this, Sarah has remained strong in her faith, and has learnt to cling to God and His Word … especially through extremely itchy and trying moments.

Big sister Sarah looking after Deborah Hope at Qianhu Fish Farm.

As she turned 11, it was with great joy that she was able to enjoy her birthday dinner at Marche, VivoCity.  This morning, for her outing, she selected Qianhu Fish Farm.  My first thought was, “Again?!”, having been there more than a few times.  But Sarah picked it not just for herself, but for her little sister who has been asking to go there.  Such is this child’s heart, always generous and thoughtful.  This was clearly demonstrated as she not only filled up her own fish tank but also dashed about catching fish for Ruth (6yo), Deborah (4yo soon) and Anna (2yo).

A special daddy-daughter photo for keeps. Blessed birthday, Sarah!!!

“Blessed birthday, dear Sarah!  Daddy has learnt so much from you about trials and challenges, watching and observing as you struggle against this dreaded eczema.  Uncomfortable as it might have been, and however you desired to eat your favourite dishes, you never complained but quietly soldiered on.  That night, when the itch was unbearable and you were crying, Daddy cried in my heart with you.  I wish I could do more but all I was able to do was to hug you tightly and to pray in the Spirit.  As you turn 11, my prayer for you is that you will know the Lord even more personally and intimately.  May you experience Him for who He is.  I know, in your own quiet way, you have already had a glimpse of His glory.  Keep singing and dancing for Jesus.  Worship Him from the bottom of your heart for He is worthy.  Blessed 11th Birthday!!!”

One thought on “Sarah’s 11th Birthday

  1. 11th also means faithfulness. May u experience His faithfulness in protection and healing this 11th year Sarah.

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