Anna Joy’s 2nd Birthday

Ok, birthday No.3 in the Lim Tribe Birthday Series!

Little – ok, not so little anymore – Anna Joy has just turned TWO!  And since she and her sister have been asking to see the leopard, we took her to the Singapore Zoo – a regular venue for our family (not surprisingly, really, when you have seven children).  The sky was overcast with a light drizzle, but later the rain stopped and it was cool and comfortable for everyone.

Anna Joy’s birthday dinner was held at Jackson Miller, courtesy of Grandpa and Grandma.

Anna Joy enjoying the carousel ride.
Finally, the children get to see the leopard ... and the cheetah ... and the jaguar!
With Grandpa, Grandma and Deborah Hope.
Cutting her birthday cake with Serene ... and Deborah Hope, again!
Another Lim Tribe family pix for the album 🙂 Happy Birthday, Anna Joy!!!

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