Japan Tsunami & God’s Heart

The day Serene and I celebrated our 16th anniversary on 11 March, the world received news about a staggering 8.9 earthquake that sent a 10m-high tsunami crashing into the northern sectors of Japan.  Over the next days, images of the devastation and destruction have been displayed across all media.  There is no denying there this was a real biggie as far as earthquakes and tsunamis are concerned. Even as I write this post, fresh updates are streaming in, highlighting new struggles and challenges as Japan copes with the aftermath.

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From a biblical and prophetic perspective, this is clearly an endtime event.  And views may range from one of the wrath of God being poured out, to others that may suggest the judgment of God on a nation steeped in idol worship.  I chanced upon a post that even provided a geological basis to the biblical and prophetic bases of this tsunami and others that will follow!  Also, I am sure there are many with questions like, “If God is a God of love, why would He allow such a bad thing to happen?”

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As I spent some time in the Scriptures this morning, I was led to read the creation account again.  Genesis 1:31 in particularly spoke to me: “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.” (NKJV)  At that very moment, I sensed a “broken-ness” in the heart of the Creator as images of the tsunami-affected areas and people flashed across my mind.  I sincerely believe that what has happened and is happening in Japan breaks the heart of God.  His creation, and that includes the people of Japan, is being ravaged by the effects and consequences of sin.  When Man fell (as recorded in Genesis 3) and was separated from God, all of creation fell too.

The good news is that God did not simply sit back to see creation self-destruct.  In His redemptive plan, God sent Jesus as the Saviour … not only for Mankind but also for all creation!  Not only will those who believe in Jesus be saved and restored; but one day, all creation will too be restored.  That time is not yet, but without doubt, that day of hope is coming very soon!  Rom 8:19-21 declares, “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.  For creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.”

God’s heart is crying for His creation, for those who still do not know Him as the one true God.  The global happenings that are taking place are all signs that seek to point the world back to the Creator.  God’s heart is crying for all who are lost for He “desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (1 Tim 2:4)  That truth is found in Jesus Christ.  The way back to Him is through faith in Jesus Christ.  Make no mistake – there is salvation in one name only, and that name is none other than Jesus Christ.

6 thoughts on “Japan Tsunami & God’s Heart

  1. Egypt fell on 11/2. Christchurch earthquake 22/2. Japan 11/3. All happens on 11th. Mercy in the midst of judgement. Sendai (city of the gods) where the earthquake/tsunami hit. I believe if Japan had gave to the Australian flood and the Christchurch quake, the wrath of God will not come. They have enough but fought on trivals political things when needs arise they stood and see. What is God saying in the midst of His mercy and judgement. Would a man rob God ? yet you rob me of tithes and offering. How did Tunisia fell, how did egypt fell ? the cries of the people had went up to God yet the riches are enjoying what was stolen from the people. The silver is the Lord, the gold is His and all who lives in the earth. Would nations still hold back to help and look at Japan and just stay amazed and stunned. Give and it shall be given. when nations sow, the wealth of the nations will come in. Should we give anyhow then, ask the Lord 1st for many comes in the name of helping Japan but the money goes some where else. We need to be discerning and wise in the last days.

  2. Rom.5:8, Rev.9:20-21, Rom.10:14-15.
    It is not the wrath of God as many understand it to be. Look at the Cross! It is done. Many fail to understand that Creation is governed by both Law and Grace. It is our response to these that brings the resultant effect. Don’t malign God’s character and attributes. God is good and His mercy endures forever, even when creation is in their sin. Amen

  3. 11 speaks of disintegration folks.
    and just a short excerpt on what’s transpiring and what may come there after (most probably as there are loads of biblical prophesy to fulfill).Here’s a short excerpt taken from a prophetic ministry who’s known to be very accurate over the years. this was said prior to the New Zealand and Japan Quakes- so it lends credence to what was “foretold”….
    No flaming please, as i am simply putting up the message here for all to read and digest and pray about it.
    Also, I am from a super Grace based congregation, so to fellow grace base people, i know where you will be coming from too 🙂
    But i believe we ALL need to learn to discern from the Lord, spending time in His Words is very important than just coming to a place of worship to delegate the duties to the pastor, deacons, elders….nope, we are all a royal priesthood called Holy before Yahweh.
    So a balanced view is very important as we’re living in the end of Ages…

    Anyway, here goes:

    “for 2009,in a nut shell 9 is the number of finality The key scripture for 2009 was 2nd Kings 25;1-3. which lined up with the sign the Lord sent the body of Christ worldwide what was going to happen between 2008 and 2012 when hurricane Gustav hit the New Orleans reign. GUSTAV means “staff of the Gods “the Lord was letting us know with the 2008 Obama election that in this 4 year governmental cycle the the Babylonian NWO would come and be established in this time and that we were on the exact same prophetic parallel as Israel was in the 9th,10th, and 11th years. (This means the one world illuminati government of the anti Christ and the mark of the beast under a world dictatorship through the one world constitution.)
    Also mentioned was in 2010 we would begin to accelerate into Ten Times Worse Than we have seen or experienced before. In 2010 many of the main food production areas were hit by drought floods, fires among many other things fulfilling part of this prophetic word creating the worldwide food shortage in 2011.

    It was also shared that 2009 was the year of Spiritual divorce and that the Lord would begin to separate the wheats from the tares in His kingdom.(Ezra 9)For 2009 The Lord was telling His people to divorce everything that is unclean and untrue and come out of it and be separated(Rev 18;4)
    2011 is the year of breach when the walls of the church will be breached in the Spiritual and natural because of the sin, rebellion and ignorance in the body of Christ towards Jesus from the Apostles,prophets,pastors and congregations who have followed the lies and not the truth. The main sign of this is that less than 2% of the true body of Christ is prepared or ready for the change coming within this season and time.
    But the real kingdom restoration will come now as the churches walls are destroyed in the spiritual and natural that have been built up against the Lord ,the truth and His servants to keep them out

    Read Ezk 13;10-23 (about the Christian church wall built to keep Jesus out)”

  4. Common to blame God for causing the Japanese tragedies. He is a God of Love and Grace. His ways are higher than us and I believe many victims who did not know Jesus must have seen Him in their final moments as I know my Jesus would be there to comfort them.
    There is no hate or revenge, my Saviour is a merciful God and if there had been just 3 faithful Christians in the whole affected areas, all the victims would not have perished in vain but received by the Son of God.

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