The Lord Is My Keeper

This is a song I wrote 4 years ago, on 5 Feb 2007.  The words of Psalm 121 encouraged and assured me.  Yesterday, in response to the post “Praying for Sarah:Letter to Prayer Partners“, a sister commented by quoting the same psalm.  Interestingly,  it was Sarah who sang this song when we shared it at Deborah Hope’s 1st birthday in 2008.

Last night, before we prayed together, Sarah and I read Psalm 121.  And then, I declared the words over her.  The Lord is Sarah’s keeper, her shade at her right hand.  The Lord shall preserve her from all evil.  And as she waits for the help that comes from the Lord, enduring the pain and itch, He will also not allow her foot to be moved.

The Lord is My Keeper

I lift up my eyes to the hills
From where does my help come?
From the Lord
Who made heaven and earth
Heaven and earth

I take my stand on solid ground
My feet will not be moved
For my God
Never slumbers or sleeps
Slumbers or sleeps

The Lord is my Keeper
My Shade at my right hand
By day and by night
I’m kept from all harm
The Lord is my Keeper
My Shield and my Shelter
No evil can hurt me
I’m safe and secure in His arms

The Lord shall preserve
My going out, my coming in
Today and tomorrow
For now and forever

Words & Music by Henson Lim
5 February 2007


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