Praying for Sarah: Letter to Prayer Partners

This morning, I sent out an email to those who have been faithfully supporting my family and ministry in prayer, asking them to pray for my daughter, Sarah.  I felt it would also be good to post the email as I shared a few more details and update.  At the same time, hearts may be stirred to join Serene and myself as we cry out for Sarah’s healing.  If you feel led to stand in agreement with us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  What we agree on earth, let it also be agreed in heaven!

Dear Prayer Partners

Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus!

As always, I must first acknowledge your continued partnership in ministry through prayer.  Although I have lapsed in my email update with you, I know in my spirit that many of you continue to uphold me in prayer.  Each time I send out my newsletter to you, I receive your feedback and encouragement, and I am richly and deeply blessed!!!  Thank you, my dear brothers and sisters.  I give thanks for each of you!

In this email, I am writing to ask you to channel your prayer efforts towards my daughter Sarah.  If you remember, she suffers from severe eczema and allergic reactions to certain food groups.  Read “Fasting & Praying for Sarah” and “Praying for Sarah:Update”.  Over the past months, since November, she has been placed on a very strict diet to help her body heal.  This means no more outside food since MSG is like “poison” to her.  When we eat out, the dear girl has had to watch her siblings order and eat while she eats her own “special” meal.  She has been very bold and strong, but I can only imagine how tough, difficult and painful it has been for her.

I would have liked to say that this strict regime has helped her but unfortunately, I am unable to do that.  The reality is, more recently, it has become much worse.  Sarah has had a very bad outbreak in recent weeks, her skin flaring up all over, including a reddened face L  I will spare you the details, suffice to say that it is very bad.  It breaks my heart to see her scratch and rub herself, trying desperately to alleviate the itch and pain … to no avail.  To this end, her sleep is also not good, giving her no rest and the entire cycle perpetuates itself through a tired body and system.

I have begun to pray with her, with greater intensity this time, each night before she goes to bed.  I am standing on Romans 8:26, trusting the Spirit to help us in this time of weakness.  I know not how else to pray as I ought so I pray in the Spirit with Sarah, knowing that He intercedes on our behalf, praying the perfect will of God for my dear girl.  So, just for 5mins each night, holding her in my arms, I pray in the Spirit.  For the past two nights, Sarah has been crying as I prayed for her.  I know that it is not just physical healing we are praying for, but also emotional healing too.  As a growing child, turning 11 in May, there must be so many questions in her head, not to mention doubt and confusion.

We have no understanding nor answers why this has happened.  Trust me, I have gone through every point on the checklist … faith, sin, curse, attack, etc, etc, etc.  The honest answer is … we don’t know.  When Rev Ken Harrison prayed for Serene and myself yesterday, he sensed to declare the Lord as our stronghold and fortress.  He went on to say that there were forces coming against us, and the Lord will be our wall of protection.   Without doubt, the battle rages on and we must wage a good warfare, to fight the good fight of faith.  Whatever or however, we will continue to praise the Lord!  For as Judah begot Perez, so will our praise give birth to breakthrough!  One day, we will look back and declare, “What the enemy meant for evil, God turned it around for good!”

In the meantime, we take it … one day at a time … drawing on fresh mercies each morning, resting in the greatness of His faithfulness.

As you pray for Sarah, please also remember my dear wife, Serene.  It has not been easy for her as she has had to make major adjustments to the meals and other physical arrangements, over and above all the other things on her plate.  Please pray for her to experience the Lord’s grace and to have His joy as her strength.  Pray also for her faith to be stirred and activated, her eyes fixed on Jesus, that she is protected from the fiery darts of condemnation and accusation of the enemy.

Thank you for reading this update, and for standing in agreement with Serene and myself through prayer for Sarah.  We appreciate your love and support!  And by the Lord’s grace, we look forward to the day when we will share a testimony to the glory of His Name!



6 thoughts on “Praying for Sarah: Letter to Prayer Partners

  1. Yes i will pray for Sarah. Trust God and look to Jesus. He heals yseterday today and tomorrow. By His stripes Sarah is healed and made whole. Amen

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