God Is Not In A Rush

Some weeks ago, I typed this in my iPhone notepad …

“The times are urgent but God is not in a rush. His timing is perfect. That’s good reason to slow down and not be overly stressed or impatient with things or people who don’t seem to move or respond at all.”

I’ve been reading this over and over again to remind myself of this simple truth … God is not in a rush at all.  Yes, things are happening all over the world and we know that the clock is ticking.  We are indeed living in the last of the last days and time seems to be running out.

As a result, I find myself preaching with greater urgency.  Now, that sounds really nice and spiritual.  But I must search my heart, be totally honest and ask if there is, perhaps, some impatience on my part.  The intentions may be good but perhaps, just perhaps again, I am trying to do things my way and in my own strength?  Sure, I would like to see more people catch the fire, be stirred up with the things of God, and making significant changes and sacrifices for the sake of the Lord Jesus!  But have I hoped that it would take place a little more quickly?  And when it doesn’t, I find myself doing more, trying harder and running faster, only to hit the wall of frustration and discouragement time and again … all in the name of the urgency of the times.

But I believe where God is concerned, from His divine perspective, everything is happening according to His plan and His timing. He’s in total control.  That’s right.  God is not in a rush at all, nor is He a tad stressed.  So why should I be? I need to carry this in my heart and remember this truth as I minister.

By no means am I giving myself licence to be shoddy or lazy.  I will still do my best for the Master and fulfil my call to the best of my ability by the power of the Holy Spirit.  But it helps me remember that I am not the one who can change or save the world (don’t laugh, but it is very easy to miss the point in ministry and think it’s all about yourself).  On the contrary, it has been and it will always be Jesus!  What He requires of me is to simply be faithful.  And as I do my part, He will more than do His!  Whilst this is easy to accept in times of breakthroughs and victories, it is not quite as apparent when things don’t seem to move nor people respond.  And yet, the truth does not change … God is not in a rush at all.  Didn’t He say that the vision shall come to pass even if it appears to tarry (Hab 2:2-3)? Yes, I am the impatient one … ouch!

So, slow down, Henson.  Haven’t you forgotten the title of your own website?  Take it “one day at a time”. Cease from your own works even as you are diligent to enter into His rest (Heb 4:10-11). Relax and enjoy the ride with the Master.

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