Why Women Don’t Want Children

There has been a lot of articles of late about Singaporeans not wanting to have children; more specifically, women who do not want to have children.  This morning, I chanced upon this little known fact and I now understand why …

“Women who never have children enjoy the equivalent of an extra three months a year in leisure time, says Susan Lang, author of Women Without Children. If that figure seems high, remember that the average mother spends 3.5 more hours a week doing housework than would a woman without children, plus 11 hours a week on child-related activities. This adds up to an additional 754 hours of work every year–the equivalent of three months of 12-hour, 5-day work weeks.” Signs of the Times, May 1992, p. 6.

Now, who wouldn’t want an additional three months to themselves? 🙂

One thought on “Why Women Don’t Want Children

  1. Eversince my daughter arrived 6 months ago, I have not had time to myself, had extra loads of stuff to do and average 4-5 hrs of broken sleep per 24hrs. But… I will not trade this blessing of a child for that 3 months or anything else for that matter… Too precious 🙂

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