Yep, I’ve not been blogging as much over the past weeks.  It’s been very heavy with ministry and after I get to check stuff on the computer, I usually have no mood to blog at all.  Yes, it’s been tiring.  Very tiring, in fact.

Anyway, I will taking a short break over the next few days with the family and I hope that will help clear my mind a little before jumping right back into ministry.  I really don’t know what to expect actually.  Whilst I look forward to the break, I am a little apprehensive about how much of a break I will get.  When you move around with 7 children, you don’t get much of a holiday 🙂

Still, I look forward to the time with my wife and my children.  No emails, no SMSes, no calls, no nothing … that should help too 🙂  Just need to ‘force’ myself not to think about work at all.  Kinda tough, really, when I am due to speak at a conference in Philippines the very next week.  Well, I will make the effort, the Lord being my Helper as always.

Better enjoy this break.  Don’t know when the next one will be 🙂

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