Longkang Fishing

For our family outing yesterday, the kids requested to go longkang fishing at Qian Hu Fish Farm.  The last time we went there was in February 2009.  It was Ruth’s 4th birthday and Anna was still in the womb 🙂

It was nice to see Deborah Hope enjoying the fishes in the tanks.  Anna Joy was mesmerised by the rows and rows of tanks, and the creatures in them.  Even the older children had a good time looking at the various species of fish, frogs and stingrays.

The Lim Tribe Homeschool Outing to Qian Hu Fish Farm.
Enjoying the rows and rows of fishes, crabs, frogs and stingrays.

Quite quickly, we headed for the fishing pond.  I paid for the 6 tickets and the children went for the fishes immediately!  Sarah and Aaron were really good at it, netting quite a few in a rather short time.  Ruth and Deborah needed a bit of help, so guess who had to help?  Daddy, of course.  So, there I was, doing my part and playing my daddy-role, kneeling down and trying desperately to catch some fish for my little girls.  Thankfully, I managed to catch a few for them!

Those little fishes sure know how to avoid the nets!
Deborah Hope, doing her best before crying out, "Daddy, I need help!"
Serene, with Anna Joy, Deborah Hope and Ruth, feeding the koi.

All in, it was an enjoyable morning out.  The children returned with their catch, in their own fish tanks.  Little Deborah was the most excited and kept saying to Serene and myself, “Thank you for bringing us to the fish farm.”  I guess that’s reward enough for one who woke up this morning with aches all over.


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