Reading With Anna Joy

Last night, I had an interesting ‘reading’ experience with my 15mo.  She brought an ABC book to me and demanded my attention, willing me to read to her.  It went something like this …

Me (points at lion): And what is this?
AJ: Ba-ba-baa!
Me: Yes! That’s right!

Me (points at banana): And this?
AJ: Ba-ba-BAA!
Me: Very good!

Me (points at zebra): And how about this?
AJ: Ba-ba-baaaaaaa!
Me: That’s right!

Me (points at ice-cream): And what do you think this is?
Me: Wow! That’s correct!!!

I know I’m biased, but I think we have a genius in this little girl 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reading With Anna Joy

  1. oh! I understood the Ba-ba-BAA bit, the intonations sounds right 😀
    yea, came to read the serious stuff; but this one is better … haha

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