Ruth Turns 5

On Friday, my dear daughter turned 5 years old. 

The moment February arrived, Ruth had been looking forward to her big day.  Each day, she would conscientiously cancel each day on the calendar.  On the eve of her birthday, she went around announcing to everyone, “Tomorrow is my brithday!  I will turn 5 years old tomorrow!”  We suspect it took a while for her to settle down before sleeping that night 🙂 

Ruth, with Daddy & Anna Joy at SAFRA Yishun.


On the way to her birthday outing, we dropped by McDonald’s at Ang Mo Kio for breakfast where the birthday girl had her Hotcakes Happy Meal.  Next stop: SAFRA Yishun.  We thank God for great weather – really hot and sunny – perfect for a day at the pool.  The children frolicked, jumped, slid, swam.  The nice part about homeschooling is that we get to visit these places on weekdays.  That means we practically get the whole pool to ourselves!  After more than two hours, we showered and changed, and headed for lunch at Eatzi. 

Back home, Ruth opened her birthday presents.  She was so sweet to have waited for the entire family to be there before she ripped the wrappers off, for she wanted all of us to share in that moment of joy with her.  Such self-control! 

A special brownie cake for Ruth, baked with love by Serene.


We had dinner with Grandpa, Grandma, Ah Kong and family friend, Aunty Doris.  Incidentally, my mother shares the same birthdate as Ruth!  Since Ruth enjoys noodles, she picked Crystal Jade at Junction 8 so she could have her favourite prawn noodles 🙂  At request, Serene baked her a brownie cake – this is becoming a standard item for birthdays – the children all love Serene’s brownies!

Blessed 5th Birthday, Ruth!!!


It was a simple celebration but a very meaningful one.  I’m just heartened to see Ruth looking forward to the day and enjoying it so much with the rest of the family.  May she continue to grow and blossom into a fine young lady that will love the Lord and live for His glory! 

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