The Raising of Sons

When Rev Francis Khoo released the Prophetic Word for 2010, one picture stayed in my mind …

“The first horse was splendid and radiant white in colour.  The rider was also dressed in white and on his head I saw a crown and in his hand was a bow.  But what struck me was that he had no arrows.  Yet as he rode, he seemed to be drawing and shooting invisible arrows. … I felt the Lord say that the rider on the white horse is symbolic of the Church of Jesus Christ as the Chosen Generation today with a call to be an overcomer by being ‘more than conquerors’.  Believers in Jesus have been called to be ambassadors for Jesus in this world.  They have been given the ability and empowered to establish God’s authority and righteousness on this earth.  However, the Church today has not understood its calling, nor risen up to what God has for them as the firstborn of God.  Deception, distraction, debt, dishonesty and delusion have robbed it of the arrows that it has been given.”

Over the past week, in my time with the Lord, I was led to Zech 9:13 …

“For I have bent Judah, My bow, fitted the bow with Ephraim, and raised up your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece, and made you like the sword of a mighty man.”

Suddenly, the light went on in my spirit.  It all made sense!  Taken literally, the first part of Zech 9:13 will read, “For I have bent [praise], My bow, fitted the bow with [double fruitfulness], …”  This is absolutely consistent with the picture in the Prophetic Word.  The Church has been taught to praise and to worship – and there’s a lot of that – but we are not as fruitful as we are to be.  We have the bow, but not the arrows!  What’s the problem?

From Psalm 127:3-5, we see and understand that arrows refer to sons.  As such, if the Church has no arrows, it just means that there are no sons!  One may respond by asking, “But aren’t we all children of God?”  Yes, we are.  But that is where the real problem lies … too many are contented to remain as children, babes in Christ; and too few are being raised up as matured sons of God, hence “the Church today has not understood its calling, nor risen up to what God has for them as the firstborn of God.”

But God wants to raise up sons, O Zion!  These are matured sons after the image of Jesus Christ!  It is only with such maturity that these will withstand and endure the challenges (the 2nd, 3rd & 4th horses) in these final days.  The sons of Zion will oppose and expose the sons of Greece, those who are wise in the ways of the world but foolish in the things of God.

Indeed, “2010 will be year that we need to get our focus, our priorities and our perspectives right.”  Will we continue to be swept away by the distractions and cares of this world?  Do we watch world events unfolding with wisdom and discernment?  Are we still looking for financial gain and material accumulation, trusting in an economy that thrives on debt, dishonesty and deception?

May we respond to the Holy Spirit as He prompts us ever so gently, “for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” (Rom 8:14)  God is still looking for those who would be willing to be raised up as His sons who will be doubly fruitful for His purposes and His glory!


One thought on “The Raising of Sons

  1. I am under tremendous spiritual attacks since 1st Jan 2010 and when I heard the prophetic word from Rev Francis and other pastors I begin to understand why. There are 2 clouds, a grey cloud and a white shinning cloud. One being the manifestations of kingdom of darkness and one being the manifestation of the kingdom of God. as I worship and praise God, I can sense the moving of the Holy Spirit to destroy the works of the enemies. Paul keith Davis prophesied that God is calling some into 45 days fast beginning 1st Jan 2010 for further consecration so that they can become arrows in the hand of the Father. I ask the Lord what are the words in 2010 for me. He says tremendous fruitfulness, amazing breakthroughs, nothing lacking and safety in my coming in and going out. God told me this year His sons/daughters are coming into the divine order and covenant relationships and partake the covenant blessings from the Father. Just as Abraham tithe God told me to sow where He tells me so I can partake the covenant blessings especially give the first fruits to His priests. I am asked to sow $140 to you on 22 Jan 2010. $120 being in cash and $20 a petrol voucher from shell. God says 22 is the 22 cups on the golden candlesticks signifies the illumination of the Holy Spirit. On 10th Jan God asked me to come to CVC to sow a seed to the building fund and to pastor sim and to receive the blessings of the prophetic word released by Pastor sim. The year of nothing wanting, reaping beyond expectation. I will send the cheque and the vouchers on 22 Jan 2010. Please pray a blessing upon me and my family Just as Aaron proclaimed the blessings of the Lord upon the children of Israel.

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